Grape harvesting well underway

That day we were picking Reichensteiner grapes which will be made into Rose for drinking next Spring onwards. As we progressed down the row the promised fine weather turned initially to drizzle and then heavy rain which proved that my jacket wasn’t waterproof after all! Suitably drenched, the shout after a couple of hours for a warm cup of coffee was most welcome. After resuming picking for about another hour and half we had finished picking both sides of a row.
Within the last week Paul had also finished the picking his Pinot Noir grapes and as we were leaving they were moving onto picking the Dunkelfeder grape which I’m reliably informed is the only grape grown in the UK that produces a red juice.  Paul has also this year picked good crops of apples and pears that will be made into juice and cider and in fact I came away with some bottles of cider to sample.
Paul’s business is going from strength to strength and he is looking to significantly increase his acreage and add to the awards he has already won.  Do visit his website at or follow his tweets at 


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