Fowler Display now installed in Fowler Pavilion

LATE AUGUST FINAL PICTURES : all work is now finished on the Fowler Pavilion ready for the term to start and the official opening on 21 October 2017 by Norman Porter (K50-57). Click here to see photos, plus you can see earlier photos taken of the Fowler Pavilion during its construction.

UPDATE AS AT END OF JULY 2017 : after months of research and design by OFs Peter Howard-Dobson and Chris Keeble, the Fowler Display has been installed in the new Fowler Pavilion. Click here to see photos of the display, plus you can see earlier photos taken of the Fowler Pavilion during its construction in April and July.

UPDATE AS AT 10 JULY 2017 : work is progressing very well now on the construction of the Fowler Pavilion.  Click to see some photos taken today, plus you can see earlier photos taken in April – internal and external shots.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE : Message from Chris Essex (SOF President) and John Ellerby (Chair of Trustees) : As you will be aware, the Society unexpectedly received back in February 2015 $1m or around £675,000 from the widow of late OF Derek Fowler DFM (G35-40).  Peta (also know as Yela and Peter) Fowler had died in 2014 and wished the Society to honour Derek’s name.

In July 2015, the SOF Council agreed to donate £500,000 to the College to support the development of the Fowler Pavilion as well as an annual Fowler bursary and a project at FC prep school in his honour.

This gift was agreed subject to appropriate due diligence enquiries which were considered essential due to the scale of the bequest and the complex background as to where the money came from.  These investigations have been completed and at a brief ceremony last Friday, we handed over a cheque for £500,000 to the Paul Taylor (Headmaster) and Andrew Fane (Chair of Governors). This is the largest amount ever gifted by the Society to the College.  It will provide benefit to future generations of students for decades to come and work has already started on building the Fowler Pavilion next to the existing pavilion opened in 1950s.  Click here to see more detail on the plans.


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