Family Fun at Hertfordshire OF Event

The toss was won by Peter Burt (K 86-91) who opted to bat first on what was a green and very soft wicket. In an interesting variation on the usual rules, batsmen took to the crease in pairs and faced 6 overs regardless of the amount of times either of them was out. Each time a wicket fell, five runs were deducted and, with 10 men chomping at the bit, the afternoon got underway. Our photo shows Martin Pedler (L) and Peter Burt at the wicket.

Burt’s team scored 174 runs in spite of the loss of 16 wickets (worth 80 runs!). His top scorer was Mark Buttler, not of Framlingham origin, who managed 55 runs with no loss of wicket.

Tami Wornham (Carlick) (V 88-94) and Sharon Hale (Gemmill) (M 90-92) put on a special tea for all the boys before Wornham’s squad was put to the crease. The run rate started off at a good pace but the loss of several wickets in the middle order took its toll on an enthusiastic team of rookies (including a very surprised Peter Howard-Dobson (R 65-69) who had only turned up to watch) and victory was handed to Burt’s team of MCC and Lords Taveners’ regulars. For the statisticians amongst you, the Wornham Irregulars amassed 160 runs after the deduction of 85 runs for wickets (a mention in despatches for Tom Wornham’s dad, who stepped-in from umpiring the match to deliver the top score of 31 runs).

There was a presentation which was cut short as captain Burt had to attend A & E for some stitches, courtesy of a Peter Howard-Dobson off-drive to the captain’s upper lip (his wound may just be visible in our photo – Peter Burt is on the left). Undeterred by this, the remainder of the party set off to the Fox and Ducks for the rest of the afternoon’s entertainment and liquid refreshment.

Next year’s cricket match will be taking place at around the same time of year and we aim to build on the success of this year’s OF attendance.

OF’s present; Thomas Wornham (K 86-92), Peter Burt (K 86-91), Tami Wornham (Carlick) (V 88-94), Sharon Hale (Gemmill) (M 90-92), James Brocks (K 81-91), Andrew Kershaw (K 87-92), Duncan Cork (K 89-94), Charles Wheeler (R 87-92), Matthew Crook (R 86-92), Martin Pedler (R 86-93), John Tooke (G 88-93), Chris Cappucinni (G 89-94), Nicholas Lee (G 86-94), Peter Howard-Dobson (R 65-69), Brett Emblin (K 86-93).


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