Dennington Cricket Reunion for 2017 Leavers

Moreau Scholar Renee Bahar (M12-17) writes :"The cricket match on Saturday went ahead and was a huge success! We had a good turnout with huge amounts of enthusiasm for the game and it was so lovely to see so many people there. Special thanks go to JoJo’s Maberly's parents for buying all the food and drink and organising the venue, as well as Mr. Skitch for umpiring. All credit has to go to JoJo (P04-17) for organising it as well, she really did a brilliant job!

We managed to use the cricket pitch and village hall tables and chairs for free which was great. All the food and drink came to £50, which includes the drinks which some people had back at JoJo’s house after the match and we are grateful to OFs for paying this."

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