Book-launch: “Into the Third Millennium" – By John Maulden

Writing about the book, Norman Porter says, “For those who were involved with the College and the Society during the period 1975 -2000 this book will make a particularly fascinating read. It is rich in anecdotes, with reminiscences of various OF and College characters, and, as the title suggests, it is an interesting historical record of the relationships between the College and the Society over those years. John, as an OF who was also a fully engaged and highly respected member of staff, is uniquely well qualified and was very well placed to take a balanced and insightful view of those years. The writing style is lively and personal, rather than dry and impersonal, and all the more readable for that. John clearly had a high regard for the late Laurie Rimmer, and the book gives us a personal and timely view of those years. The narrative also covers the headships of James Miller and the early years of Gwen Randall.
The book is an important contribution to the narrative of the history of the College and the Society, adding, as it does, to the work of John Booth and Bob Gillett. It is all the more relevant as we approach the 150th anniversary of the founding of the College. John’s book is an important link in the over-all history of the College and leads us towards the commemorative volume which will celebrate that 150th anniversary.
It is dedicated to John’s wife, Glenys. She was in her own right elected an Hon OF as a tribute to her unstinting support of her husband over his College career, and for her own contributions to the life of the College.”


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