Another lockdown hobbyist with a special OF link

The model was the De Havilland 82, otherwise known as the legendary Tiger Moth and often used as a training aircraft for budding RAF pilots. Again a bell rang and  I wondered if Percy Pickard (G26-32) had flown the Moth during his training.  Thanks to James Ruddock Broyd (G46-52) I had been  given the opportunity in April 2015 to photograph Pickard's log books so it did not take me too long to find the appropriate page in log book number one.  I could not believe it but the very first line filled in by Pick was as follows.

1936. 11th month, 16th day, aircraft type DH 82,  number G-ADOM,  first pilot WALKER,  second pilot Self.  Duty. Passenger flying. 10 minutes.

As you see from my photograph, I have painted the aircraft 'training yellow' as stipulated by the RAF.

I am now well into a rather larger Hawker Hurricane to be followed by a P-47 Thunderbolt!  These balsa wood kits are made by Dumas aircraft in USA.

Click here for a larger image of Bill's model planes and click here to see Bruce Micklewright's (S48-51) real Tiger Moth in Fram colours.

Any other great lockdown stories?


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