150th anniversary dinner in Hong Kong

Chris Hall (G62-69) reports as follows: The 150th anniversary dinner in Hong Kong was held on Wednesday 25 March, 2015, at the Windsor Room of the Hong Hong Club. The occasion brought together the following 10 OFs: Standing – Robert Holland (Penang) (K57-65), Henry Tang Shiu-yuen (K03-10), John Ting Yu-hin (G02-09), Chris Hall (G62-69), Richard Rowe (S65-74), Keith Williams (R63-67), Ian Tsang Cheuk-hei (K02-09). Sitting – Jacqueline Lam (V97-01), Moira Theulier (M91-93), Athena Choi (V02-03). Richard Rowe made a great effort to travel from China in spite of many difficulties including being drenched in water by a faulty hose and waiting for his clothes to dry! Nevertheless he made it! Ian Howard (S57-62) had to be in the UK at the time and managed to attend the 150th dinner at Pembroke College Cambridge instead.

Click here to see a larger version of the photos taken at the dinner and back at Chris’s flat.


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