150th Anniversary ANZAC Event

After 3 years in the planning, the 150th Anniversary events continued with a gathering of 56 in the Hunter Valley Australia. The guest of honour was Trish Evans, the widow of Len Evans (G42-48), who had vineyards in the Hunter Valley and was responsible for popularising Australian wine around the world.

Also amongst those attending were 7th and 14th oldest OFs at 93 and 92 – Peter Bailey (K34-38) and Peter Simpson (K32-40) who amazingly had beds next to each other over 80 years ago. It was also great to have David Ashton, Deputy Academic Head present from the College.

Click here to read a brief report from Chris Shaw and click here to see just a few photos taken over the weekend.

Some OFs were together for up to 5 days and the one item that wasn’t meticulously planned by Chris Shaw (K50-56), Rebecca and Mike Garnett (R53-55) was the weather, which, after the event, turned into the worst April weather experienced in the area since records began.


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