World War II

Mr Stanley Hinds (1936-1940)

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 358 Sqdn., Flight Sergeant (Pilot). Volunteered for RAF aircrew and trained in Canada. In operational training, he was flying Liberators as second pilot on long-haul flights over the Pacific. After he had returned to the UK for a jungle-survival course he was very quickly posted to the Far-East, but we don’t know where. He went on operations but his CO refused to say where to or what he was doing. On his fourth operation on 13th June 1945 the Liberator crashed, but we don’t know if it was the result of enemy action. It was hinted that as a result of very low barometric pressure during a tropical storm the altimeter (which depended on barometric pressure ) gave them a false estimation of their height and they crashed on a hillside. He survived the crash but was very badly hurt and, although he reached the Comila hospital alive, he died the next day of secondary shock. He is buried in the Maynamati War Cemetery in Bangladesh. (Most of this information was supplied by his brother Lesley Hinds (R37-42))