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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden




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Donald James MacBRIDE (S40-43)


On 24 September 2003 aged 76. The funeral was held on 2 October 2003 at the Wellington Crematorium Chapel in Hobart, Tasmania and was conducted by Bishop Jerrim. Brother of David Campbell MacBRIDE (S38-42).

Jim is survived by his wife, Patricia, who is suffering from advanced Alzheimer's disease and is not aware of her husband's passing. Address: Patricia MacBride, c/o Adards Nursing Home, 4e Bounty Street, Warrane, TAS 7018, AUSTRALIA.


Jim left Framlingham in 1943 in the middle of the Second World War and it was inevitable that he should find himself involved, serving as a Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers in the Middle East.

The war over, he followed the path of his engineering interest and qualified as a marine engineer at Northampton Engineering College. Either fresh memories of his wartime service or his shooting prowess at school, where he was in the Shooting VIII for three years, drew him back to a military career, but this time to the Royal Australian Engineers. From 1950 to the early 80s he served his adopted country and finally retired as a Colonel and Chief Engineer, 3rd Military District.

Deciding that retirement should be planned, Jim gave seminars on the subject and, following three years as property manager for the Post-Secondary Education Commission, he became a licensed financial advisor in his own right and was therefore able to give a complete retirement planning service.

Although he only spent three years at Framlingham, Jim was an avid correspondent to the Overseas Bag of the Magazine and kept Tom Saul well informed of matters Australian. He also persuaded and inspired Michael Garnett to found and run the Melbourne supper which for many years was a focal point for OFs in the area or visiting.

In the early 90s Jim and Patricia moved to Hobart, which was Patricia’s original home, and for some years they still managed to travel extensively to, among others, Canada, Japan and China. Eventually Patricia’s infirmity meant that Jim devoted the last years of his life to her care.