Melbourne Australia OF Gathering in 2024

  • Date 3 February 2024
  • Start time 18:30
  • End time 23:00
  • Venue Young & Jacksons, Chloe’s Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia
  • Price TBA

Mike Garnett (R53-55) write :  Chris Essex (K69-75) who coordinates activities with those living aboard, has advised that Richard Rowe (S65-74) and his wife Denise will be visiting Australia in early February and would like to catch up with other OF’s.  I am trying to organise something for them in Melbourne.

I have been in touch with Richard who has provided a provisional itinerary but their time in Melbourne is brief – basically they are free for dinner on the evening of Saturday 3 February, following which they depart for Sydney.

Please consider whether you can join us at Young & Jacksons, Chloe’s Restaurant (upstairs) at 6.30pm. Saturday 3 February 2024.

This is a few months away so anything can happen between now and then, however perhaps you can let me know if you are interested in receiving further updates regarding this plan.

If you receive this and would like to be kept informed, please respond preferably via email.

Event Organisers

Michael Garnett


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