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Lewis Myers-Allen: Scholar 2012-2015



I joined Brandeston in Year 5, and loved it there. As soon as I went on to the College, I focused on widening my skill-set and took part in just about everything I could. This included forming a band (which played at one of the OF Suppers) I played guitar in numerous concerts and especially will never forget playing Don’t Look back in Anger at the “Night of UK Number ones” concert in year 9, the band’s debut gig. I got involved in drama in a big way, taking an acting role in every play I could – my final role being Romeo, in Romeo and Juliet, though my most memorably role was as Cecily, in The Importance of Being Earnest. Both these plays are going to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. I also got involved in a lot of sport, eventually, playing first-team hockey in my final year.

Academically, my love for animal biology has been confirmed over the last few years in my A Level studies, but my real aim is to read Zoology in further depth at University, and I have the offer of a place at Reading to do so. The catalyst for this was visiting two spectacular biomes of our planet: the rainforests of Borneo and the coral reefs of the Maldives, which showed me how limitless our biodiversity is, but also the extent to which it is vulnerable to a widening range of threats.

I was thrilled and delighted to be appointed Head Boy in my final year. I enjoyed the chance to show leadership and I like to set a strong example. It’s been great experience, finding the way to achieve a balance between official responsibilities and maintaining those important personal relationships – and I’ve been really fortunate to have had the support that everyone gave me. It’s been enjoyable supporting staff and helping to host school functions too.

Outside school, I auditioned for, and secured, a coveted place to become a member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, and I also made it through to the final round of auditions for the television show, 'Skins'. Drama has given me great confidence to perform in front of an audience, as well as developing my genuine empathy for and understanding of working with people.

At University I fully intend to work my hardest and devote my time to becoming a biologist, and fulfilling my potential in all aspects of the subject, as well as contributing as much as I can to the life of the campus. I hope to leave with a degree that has both inspired me and will also open doors for the future.

I’m really proud to have been awarded one of this year’s Moreau Leaving Scholarships. The friendships I’ve formed over my nine years at BH and the College are really important to me, and I’m determined to keep up those friendships as we go on to build our lives. I’m really looking forward to organising and managing events that will bring together my own leaving group and friends from previous years, too.