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Kat Twentyman: Scholar 2014-2017

Kat Twentyman


I grew up in Norfolk, the youngest of three, with two older brothers who went ahead of me to Framlingham. I joined the College, as a boarder in Pembroke House, in year 9 – the only entrant from Town Close - and decided that the best way to get to know people would be to get involved in as many areas as possible. In my first couple years I performed in several drama productions (playing very, very small parts I must add), multiple music concerts, completed my Bronze D of E award, attended my first MUN conference at Felsted, and began working my way up through the ranks of the CCF. It was that involvement that helped me develop friendships with students whom I might not otherwise have mixed with. Boarding, too, allowed me to really get to know my own year group and the years above and below my own.

As time went on, and new opportunities arose, I left drama behind, but I kept up with music, continuing to play the flute in the orchestra, flute choir, and concert band. I also found sports playing an increasingly important part in my life; outside of school continuing to play for my local netball club, and training with both county and regional squads, whilst at school playing 1sts Netball from year 11 onwards and captaining the 2nds Hockey team in my final year. Sport is one of my passions and I will thoroughly miss the amazing range of sporting opportunities that are offered as the norm at the College. The friendships I have formed on the training pitches, on tour, and during matches have been some of my strongest within the college.

However involved I was in school life, I have always been keen to explore other opportunities in the wider community. Such as volunteering a week each holiday with children who suffer from varying degrees of physical and mental disability, whilst also fitting in multiple work experiences to support my ambition to study medicine – hence my choice of Biology, Maths, Chemistry and History for my A-level subjects. All being well, I hope to take up a place a Leeds University next year.

I’ve really loved my time at Fram – I’m amazed at the breadth of involvement I’ve been able to enjoy in house, within my year group and as part of the college as a whole. I’ve stretched myself, and been stretched by my peers – not least as a school prefect and then as Head Girl – a role in which I really needed to draw on the relationships I formed over my five years at the school.

And it’s those relationships that are really important to me, and that I’m determined to help to foster and encourage down the years. Charlie and I have got lots of ideas for helping my own year-group to stay in touch, not only with themselves, but with the years above and below them as they went through Fram.

Over the summer, I am returning to work at my old school Town Close before setting off travelling in Thailand and Malaysia, where I hope to gain some work-experience in Kuala Lumpur.

Outside of studying medicine, I’m hoping I shall continue to find time for sailing on the Norfolk Broads, mountain climbing, lots of netball and getting around to learning Italian (but that may have to wait a while!).