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Jenny Binder: Scholar 2011-2014

Jenny Binder


Jenny has spent most of her educational life, so far, within the Framlingham and Brandeston family – starting at Brandeston in Year 3, and going on to be head of Pembroke House and Senior Prefect at the College.

At Fram, she also played a very full part in school life: captain of an unbeaten 2nd XI hockey team, member of the firsts netball team and thirds tennis team; a member of the choir and theatre vocals group; and a full five years in the CCF.  She also completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and will be off to Borneo on the Far Frontiers expedition in the summer of 2011.

What came across very clearly, throughout the selection process, was that here was a bubbly, friendly and determined young woman, who had enjoyed every aspect of school life, made many friends along the way, and was determined not to let those friendships slip away.  She says, “I’ve enjoyed just about all of the opportunities that Framlingham has offered me, which has helped me to acquire a wide group of friends within our year. I like organising events and have had plenty of opportunities to do so as head of Pembroke House. I’ve also enjoyed taking part in music and drama, enjoy riding and have been able to represent the school a few times in all sorts of ways”.

Speaking of her Moreau Leaving Scholarship, Jenny says, “I am so thrilled to have received the Moreau Scholarship. I think that it is a really worthwhile cause and Sophie and I have already come together and started coming up with ideas about how we could keep the year together ranging from tea parties to pub trips. I am also looking forward to the other opportunities that the Moreau Scholarship has to offer. Having spent 11 years in the Framlingham family I can’t wait to keep the close relationships that we have formed by re-living the memories that we have had such as the numerous house events, concerts and plays, whilst sharing the new things going on in our lives”.

Academically, Jenny has relished the statistical side of her Maths A-Level course, balanced this with History and the affairs of the Tudors and the Spanish Court, and then finished off her selection with Economics.  With this trio under her belt, she’s planning an apprenticeship with Scrutton Bland, a group of Ipswich-based Chartered Accountants, where she’ll dive straight in with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) initial exams.  This fits very well with her strong desire to develop her career in a very practical way, and to do this from a strong local base.  This is clearly something that will also be a great help in her role as a Moreau Leaving Scholar.