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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden



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Honorary Members of The Society of Old Framlinghamians

The Society's records of its Honorary Members are by no means complete. However, some collective work between Andrew Currie, John Whipp and John Maulden has allowed us to compile a fairly definitive list from as far back as the late 1950s. If you know of anyone, past or present, missing from the list which follows, please contact the website team. The list was last updated on 1 August 2021.

Title Forenames Initials Surname Elected Background
Mrs Helen H Alcoe 29/03/2014 PA to Paul Taylor
Mrs Linda L Allen 31/03/1996 Sanatorium Sister
Mrs Mary M Alvis 08/04/2017 Mary started working at Framlingham College in September 2006 as a part time Biology teacher. She was then Tutor and Assistant House-Mistress in Pembroke for 8 years. Appointed Housemistress of Victoria in 2014.
Mrs Helga H Andrew 24/03/2007 Service in Accounts Department for Fifteen Years
Mrs Suzie S Angove 10/04/2015 Senior Team Secretary
Mr. Peter P Arbon 27/03/2004 Groundsman at Brandeston
Mr Michael M Ashwell 31/03/1981 Governor
Mr David D Astall 24/03/2018 Elected in 2018 in recognition of his excellent contribution to supporting College students for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme over more than twenty years.
Mr Ronald R Austin 30/03/1970 Bursar's Sec & Tuck Shop
Dr. Ian Forbes I F Baird 30/03/1997 Housemaster of Moreau, Head of English
Mr Paul P Baker 30/03/1997 Teacher at Brandeston (Maths)
Mrs Keely K Ball 06/04/2019 Keely joined FCPS in 2008, teaching year 4 as well as PE and Games
Mr Bill H L Baly 30/03/1971 Housemaster of Rendlesham
Mr P David PD Barker 30/03/1995 Head of Geography, also Cricket & Hockey
Dr Susan S Barker 25/03/2006 Tutor in Victoria and Maths teacher.
Mrs Mary M Barlow 29/03/2014 Pre-Prep Teacher at Brandeston Hall
Mrs Jennifer J Barnard 24/03/2018 Jenny joined the College in 2007 and has worked in the early years in pre-prep and junior prep teaching years 2 and 3.
Reverend Brynn Alton B A Bayman 29/04/2020 At the time of his election, Rev B had been chaplain at Framlingham College for four years (since 2016). Previously he was Chaplain at Wellington College and was ordained at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. He was educated in South Africa and supports the Springboks!
Mrs Gwen G Bellamy 30/03/1996 Essex Supper luminary
The Rt Hon   The Lord Belstead 30/03/1996 Governor
Mr Antony A W Bennett 23/03/2012 Housemaster of Rendlesham since 2003, teacher of Economics and Business Studies
Mrs Felicity F Bissett 30/03/2002 Kept husband Neville Bromage on the right lines
Mr. David J D J Boatman 19/03/2005 Housemaster of Ziegele, Housemaster of Victoria, Head of Geography
Rev Michael C MC Booker 30/03/1994 Former College Chaplain
Mrs Mullie M Borrett 27/03/2004 Norman's right arm for years. Emergency support to San.
Mr Keith Ian Terence K I T Bridges 23/03/2013 Years of service in the College Finance Department
Mr. Richard R Broad 24/03/2007 Headmaster of Brandeston for 5 years.
Mrs Carmen C Bromage 30/03/1989 Entertained generations of OFs. Support to "Brom" - the elder
Mr   JDB Brow 30/03/1988 Barclays Bank financial adviser to Governors
Mr Martin M Brown 23/03/2009 2009, Design & Technology
Mrs Lucy L Bryanton 23/03/2013 PA to Headmaster of Brandeston
Mrs Katrin K Caiger 24/03/2018 Katrin joined the College in 2007 as a teacher of Foreign languages, until she left in 2019 
Mrs Julie J Calver 29/04/2020 Matron at FCPS (Brandeston Hall) from 2001 to 2014. She joined the College staff under a Youth Training Scheme in July 1989, and trained as a Chef at Suffolk College, before taking up her role at BH.
Mrs Julia J Calver (nee Tye) 06/04/2019 Matron at FCPS (Brandeston Hall) from 2001 to 2014. She joined the College staff under a Youth Training Scheme in July 1989, and trained as a Chef at Suffolk College, before taking up her role at BH.
Mr. Thomas Peter James T P J Caston 29/04/2020 Deputy Head Pastoral at the College for five years and ran the College's side of the Moreau Scholarship process. He said of this and the rest of his College career.
Ms Karina K Cavalcanti 23/03/2012 Head of English as Second Language, Started 2000. Responsible for English Language Studies of Overseas students. House Tutor, Victoria, Moreau. Swimming coach.
Mr. Nick N Chaplin 25/03/2006 Bursar. Critical involvement in negotiations resulting in the College contributing SOF membership subscriptions for qualifying leavers
Mr Harry H Clelland 23/03/2009 2009, Modern Languages
Mr John J Clement 30/03/1988 Former Chairman of Governors
Mr. John Andrew Watson J A W Clough 19/03/2005 Head of History at Brandeston
Mrs Clare C Collins 06/04/2019 Clare joined the College in September 2005 as a teacher of Biology and a pastoral tutor in Victoria House. She was appointed Head of Biology in 2009.
Mr Constantinos C Constanti 06/04/2019 Dino joined the Science Department at the College in September 2001. He was a Tutor in Rendlesham House and subsequently appointed Head of Physics and Assistant Exams Officer.
Mr Michael J MJ Cooke 30/03/1994 History, Choir, Debating Society
Mr & Mrs John J Cooper Green 30/03/1991 Music.
Mrs Anne A Cox 19/03/2005 PA to Head
Mr Deryk D Cox 06/04/2019 Groundbreaking Director of Music at the College from 1959 to 1974. During his time at the College, he encouraged wider and more ambitious musical interests, involving not only College and Prep School involvement, but also choirs from other schools, and innumerable artistes, both amateur and professional. Of particular note were several performances of Noyes Fludde, culminating in a final performance on Speech Day in 1970. After his 15 years at the College, he left to take up a similar post at Sedbergh School. Leslie Gillett, in
Dr Daniel DM Craig 25/03/1961 School Medical Officer from 1930s until 1967
Miss Catherine C Cranmer 24/03/2018 Catherine joined the College in 2007 as a teacher of English. She has been a Tutor in Moreau House and Head of Careers since 2012
Mrs Penny p Creasy 08/04/2017 Former governor
Miss Leigh L F C Cunningham 24/03/2012 Services to SOF as Liaison Officer
Mrs Gillian G Currie 30/03/1993 Typed - The Second 60 Years
Mr. Richard J R J Daykin 19/03/2005 Appointed to Brandeston Hall in 1986, thus at 26 years (at 2013) he is currently the longest serving member of Common Room. Head of Department for History/ Formerly HoD Geography. Also formerly Housemaster of Britten House and did a stint as a Boarding Housemaster. 1st XV Rugby coach for greater part of 20 years.
Ms Ana A de Luis 23/03/2013 Teacher of Spanish & French at the College 2002 onwards. Also academic tutor in Moreau House, member of the CCF and has supported many overseas trips for the College and BH. She also taken an active part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.
Mr Phillip H PH de Whalley 30/03/1988 Housemaster of Garrett, Head of Physics, Head of Science, Master i/c Sailing
Rev Roger J RJ Dixon 30/03/1994 Chaplain at Brandeston
Mrs Jo J Donsworth 30/03/1995 Accounts & Secretarial
Ms Susan S Dring 23/04/2010 Librarian and English as Foreign Language teacher at Brandeston Hall
Major General Jack B JB Dye 30/03/1979 Governor and VP College Corporation
Mr Bernard B Dyer 29/03/2014 Head of Modern Languages, Housemaster of Stradbroke
Ms Dorothy D L Englert 19/03/2016 Head of Drama at the College
Mrs Pauline P Everett 26/03/2011 2011, Matron (Garrett) to Head of Housekeeping over 26 years
Mr Andrew AWM Fane 30/03/2002 Chairman of Governors
Mr   T L Farthing 30/03/1968 Bursar
Commander Trevor S TS Fawcett 30/03/1973 Bursar
Mr Ian Alexander IA Ferguson 30/03/1982 Governor
Wing Cdr Neil N Flowerdew 25/04/2014 Neil is a Great Nephew of Gordon Flowerdew VC, and played a key roll in the arrangements for the SOF trip to France in April 2014.
Mr. Nick N Gardens 27/03/2004 Head of College Catering
Mr Leslie L Gillett 30/03/1964 Housemaster of Moreau, author of The Second Sixty Years, English, Drama producer
Mrs Margery M Gillett 30/03/2001 Wife of Bob Gillett, Recorder teacher
Mrs Zilla Z Godfrey 30/03/2003 Housematron of Rendlesham
Mr Robert R Goodrich 24/03/2010 Director of Music at Framlingham College, and then at Brandeston Hall
Mr Gerry G Grady 06/04/2019 Gerry was nominated by the College for his 30 years of service, a driver to the students, visitors and staff.
Mrs Margaret M Graystone 03/07/2012 Teacher at Brandeston Hall 2000 to 2012. Year 2 class teacher, and then Head of Pre-Prep and a member of the Senior Management Team.
Mrs Frances F Green 30/03/1991 Teacher of Music, History
Sir Edward E Greenwell 03/03/1991 Vice-Chair of Governors
Mr H James HJ Hague 30/03/1973 Housemaster of Garrett, Head of History, i/c Tennis
Mr Arthur (Artie) George AG Hall 30/03/1983 Head Steward
Mrs Daphne D Hall 30/03/1999 Wife of Arthur (Artie) Hall, Daphne was House Matron of Garrett and completed 12 years’ service to the College.
Mrs Barbara B Hamilton 25/03/2006 In charge of girls' boarding at Brandeston.
Mrs Natalie N Harding 08/04/2017 Natalie joined FCPS as Head of Mathematics in September 2006. In 2011 she became Head of Learning Support.
Mr Mick M Hart 26/03/2011 Estates Manager for FC & BH. Joined as painter & decorator in 1988, and rose through the ranks to head a team capable of undertaking small projects.
Mr Peter P Hein 06/04/2019 Peter was nominated by the College for his long service and hard work. He started as a member of the Domestic staff in 1996, then transferred to the grounds department as a gardener, then became a minibus driver and chauffeur.
Miss Michelle M Hewitt 06/04/2019 Michelle started at the College in early 2009 as a member of the Domestic Staff, progressing to a Teacher Assistant and resident Tutor in Pembroke House. She has also worked part time in the Admissions Office.
Dr. David D R Higgins 23/03/2009 Head of Science
Mr Christopher C E Hobson 23/03/2008 Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Mrs Susan S J Hobson 23/03/2008 Head of Psychology
Dr Ray R Hoole 15/03/2008 2008, Science & Senior Academic Administrator
Mrs Ann SA Hoole 15/03/2008 2008, School librarian
Mr Tom T Howard 27/03/2021 Senior Theatre Technician at FC and FCPS
Mr Tom T Huggins 19/03/2016 Marketing Manager at the College. Enthusiastic supporter of the College and SOF. Organiser of Quilibets cricket
Mr H Martin HM Irving 30/03/1964 Head of French, Ski trip organiser & leader
Mr Neil Alan NA Jackson 29/04/2020 Over 25 years teaching golf to pupils at FC and FCPS, having started coaching at Brandeston in 1995
Mr & Mrs Nigel N Johnson 30/03/1989 Former Master of Brandeston
Mrs Judi J Johnson 30/03/1994 Wife of Nigel
Mr Ron R Jones 30/03/1976 Master of Brandeston
Mrs Denny D Jones 25/03/2006 Business Studies and Economics
Mrs Sarah S Jones 29/03/2014 Art teacher at the College
Mr. John Arthur Brooks JAB Kelsall 25/03/2006 Governor, Stepped into the breach as interim Master of Brandeston Hall (2005), when it found itself suddenly head-less
Mrs Angela A Kendall 24/03/2018 Angela arrived at the College in 1997, together with Mark, from The King’s School, Bruton. She was the artist-in-residence, in Victoria House. She and Mark married in 1998. For the next 10 years Angela taught at Kirkley High School and completed her M.A. (Ed.) through Angela Ruskin University, while at the same time playing a supportive role in Kerrison House. Since 2008 she has taught Art to all year groups at the College, together with History of Art at Sixth Form level She runs after-school Art activity sessions and has enjoyed being involved with Saturday outings. (posted September 2018)
Mr. Mark M Kendall 15/03/2008 Housemaster of Kerrison
Mr & Mrs Hugh HWO Kennon 30/03/1980 Senior Master, Housemaster of Garrett, i/c CCF, Head of Economics
Mrs Margaret M Kennon 30/03/1995 Housemistress at Brandeston and the College
Mrs Rachel R Kittermaster 30/03/1968 Wife of David, Headmaster of Brandeston
Mr David D Kittermaster 30/03/1965 Headmaster of Brandeston 1949-68
Reverend Rupert R H W Kneese 1942-00-00 Joined the College as Chaplain in 1920. Later Housemaster of Rendlesham and Second Master. Founded Quilibets Cricket. Founded the Scout Movement at the College and formed the Second Framlingham Scout Troop in 1922. Retired in 1953 after nearly 33 years' service. Later married the mother of Bill H Franklin, DFC, who was killed in WWII. In his Will, he left a bequest which was used to buy a lecturn for the Chapel.
Mrs Gillian G M Knights 25/03/2006 Science teacher at the College
Mrs Julie J Latimer-Jones 30/03/1992 Registrar
Mr William J WJ Latimer-Jones 30/03/1988 Bursar
Mr Mark M Lavery 06/04/2019 Mark joined the College in 2008 as a Science Teacher and Resident Tutor in Stradbroke House. He became Housemaster of Rendlesham in 2014.
Mr Tony AN Lawrence 30/03/1991 Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral), Housemaster of Rendlesham, Head of Drama
Mrs Mary M Lawrence 23/03/2012 Many years of support to the Schools (hours making costumes, just as one example) and to husband, Tony.
Miss Natalie N Lees 27/03/2021 Matron in Moreau House since 2009. Providing pastoral support for boarders and day students throughout the day.
Miss Natasha N R Lees 27/03/2021 Head Chef at Framlingham College.
Mr. Christopher C Lenton 23/04/2010 Head of Art at Brandeston Hall
Mr Ray RT Liddell 30/03/1996 Senior Master & Registrar, Housemaster of Stradbroke, i/c Rugby.
Mr Jonathan J Lockhart 27/03/2021 Transport Driver for both schools since 2008.
Mrs Veronica V Maberly 27/03/2021 Teaching Assistant at FCPS
Mrs Mary MA Makey 26/03/2011 Governor & Member and major contributor to the Finance & General Purposes Committee
Mrs Caroline C E Mallett 25/03/2006 Teacher of Art and History of Art at the College and a Tutor in Pembroke and Victoria houses
Mr. Alan Roy AR Manthorp 25/03/1961 Member of College Teaching Staff 1944-1967, Cricket & Hockey Coach, helped John Maulden manage the Haymakers Cricket team (founded by JJM in 1962), Careers Master from 1956.
Mr Marcus M J Marvell 29/03/2014 History Teacher and former Garrett Housemaster (2006-12)
Mrs Glenys G Maulden 27/03/2004 Housemistress
Mr Jamie J Mayhew 27/03/2021 IT Support and Marketing Assistant since 2007.
Mr John D JD Melsom 30/03/1971 Housemaster of Kerrison, i/c Rugby, Head of Science, i/c Young Farmers
Mr Jack W JW Meynell 30/03/1994 Services to the CCF and particularly to Shooting and the OFRC, long-time Lab assistant.
Mr James Francis Xavier JFX Miller 30/03/1990 Headmaster 1989-1994
Dr Robert J R J Moffatt 23/03/2012 Senior Medical Officer to BH in 1990 and moved to look after the College in 1998. Retired in 2011. 4 children, all of whom attended the College.
Mrs Sonja S Moon 08/04/2017 Sonja joined FCPS as Head of Science in 2006. She is also the Common Entrance Examination Officer and in charge of 13+ Scholarships.
Mr Colin C Moore 27/03/2004 2004. Printer, for many years, of the Old Framlinghamian.
Mr. David D J Morgan 25/03/2006 Head of Design & Technology, President of Common Room.
Mr Robert I RI Morris 30/03/1995 Bursar
Mr Martin M Myers-Allen 30/03/2001 Master of Brandeston from 2007, Housemaster, Science, D of E, CCF, Adventure Travel
Mrs Helen H L Myers-Allen 25/03/2006 Head of Moreau House, Teacher of IT and Biology
Mr William R WR Nekrews 30/03/1992 Assistant Bursar, Catering
Mrs Ann A Nesling 30/03/1994 Housemistress of Pembroke (left around 2000), Teacher of English
Mr George Paddy P Newbery 30/03/1986 The Master Brandeston Hall 1980 – 1985
Dr Ruth R Noble 19/03/2016 Housemistress of Pembroke House from 2006, College Marketing Director 2006-7 prior to taking up teaching. Subjects include Biology, Chemistry and PHSE. Lead teacher supporting students applying for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or Professions Allied to Medicine.
Mrs Louise J L M North 27/03/2021 Appointed Principal of the College and Head of Senior School Sept 2019. Steered the schools through the Covid-19 pandemic with extraordinary skill, energy and leadership.
Mr. Clive C Norton 25/03/2006 College Deputy Head (Academic). Strong promoter of IT developments. Academic leadership resulted in strong improvements in results
Mrs Jan J Norton 24/04/2009 2009, Head of English at Brandeston, and also Head of Wolsey House. Tutor and RE teacher for years 7 and 8, also instructed Lifeguards at the College
Mr Charles C Packshaw 27/03/2021 Joined board of Governors 2014, Vice-chairman 2017, Chairman 2020.
Mr Roger R Paul 30/03/1976 Chairman of Governors
Mr. Andrew A Payn 25/03/2006 Estates Bursar & Development Director. Key figure in promoting the joint College/SOF Yearbook
Mr John J E L Pemberton 30/03/1969 Second Master at Brandeston
Mr Gwyn G Phillips 30/03/1993 Economics, Master i/c Hockey
Mr Calin C Pirvu 29/04/2020 Teacher of Mathematics since 2009. Tutor in Stradbroke House.
Mr Stephen S Player 30/03/1998 Master of Brandeston
Col. Leslie LP Podd 25/03/1961 Head of Mathematics, Commanding Officer of the OCC/ATC and later the CCF (1940?-1967), President of the Debating Society for many years.
Mrs Virginia V Porter 08/04/2017 Virginia has been of immense support to the SOF through her inspirational guidance and support for Norman Porter, SOF General Secretary and Magazine Editor for some twenty years, and being an unfailing attendee at dinners and sports fixtures.
Mr W Stanley WS Porter 30/03/1957 Head
Mr James G C J Powell 26/03/2011 Governor & Member and major contributor to the Finance & General Purposes Committee
Mrs Marion M Prebble 30/03/1989 PA to Head
Mr Barrie Frazier BF Pritchard 01/07/1986 Master at College 1965 to 1986, Housemaster of Moreau, Head of Maths, O/C CCF
Mr. Charles Selwyn C S Pryor 30/03/1972 Chairman of Governors
Mrs Gwen M GM Randall 30/03/1995 Head 1994 - 2009
Mr. Stewart S A Reeve 25/03/2006 Teacher of Design & Technology. Responsible for development of the College Website
Mr Carlos C Reynell 23/03/2009 Director of Sport at Brandeston
Mr Laurance Ivor LI Rimmer 30/03/1972 Headmaster 1971-1989
Mrs Gillian G Rimmer 30/03/1985 Wife of Laurie Rimmer, former Headmaster
Air Vice Marshal William T W Rimmer 23/04/2010 Governor for over ten years, and then Chairman of Governors 2017-20.
Mr Howard H F Robinson 30/03/1994 Ex-Head of Biology, Music.
Mrs Shirley S Robinson 30/03/1994 Science at Brandeston
Mr. Mark D M D Robinson 19/03/2005 College Teacher, Head of History, Cricket, Director of Studies
Mr Michael M D Robinson 30/03/1977 Chemistry Teacher, i/c Rugby, Museum Curator
Mrs Pam P Rogers 30/03/1994 Girls' games tours
Mr. Robert RCM Rogers 23/04/2010 Directory of Music at Brandeston Hall
Mrs Helen H Russell 28/03/2013 Helen joined FCPS (Brandeston Hall) as a junior class teacher in Sept 2003. She later became Head of Mathematics and a Year 5 Tutor. She left FCPS in 2016.
Mr Colin CR Rutterford 30/03/1994 Head College Groundsman and Cricket Professional from 1977 - 2000
Mr Michael M Rutterford 30/03/1996 Head Groundsman
Mr Robin R Sampson 30/03/1999 Brandeston deputy head, Director of Studies
Mrs Jill J Sanders 15/03/2008 inspirational teacher of English at the College, quiz supremo, tutor in Moreau and Pembroke, director of Junior productions.
Mrs Ethel E Saul 30/03/1988 wife of Tom Saul
Reverend Vivian VS Singh 24/03/2007 Chaplain and Physics teacher for more than 10 years in 60s & 70s. Help and support to JEM Carter, Head Boy 1970 and permanently disabled
Mr. Bob R W Skitch 25/03/2006 Housemaster of Kerrison, Science Teacher, Coach for Rugby, Hockey & Cricket, YFC organiser, Head of Careers & Higher Education, CCF
Mr  Jonathan J Slay 19/03/2016   He joined the College in 2006 as Head of Hockey and PE teacher. He joined the Geography Department and was then appointed Director of Sport in September 2011 before becoming Garrett Housemaster in September 2012.
Mr Brian P BP Smallcombe 30/03/1994 Senior Master, Housemaster of Stradbroke/Ziegele, Head of English (Left around 1996.)
Mrs Ruth R Steggles 08/04/2017 Joined the Prep School in 2005 as Head of the Nursery and then Head of the Early Years Department at Framlingham College Prep School.
Mrs Amanda A Taylor 08/04/2017 Of incalculable support to Paul Taylor, throughout his headship, and instrumental in establishing and energising Framsoc
Mr Paul P B Taylor 26/03/2011 Headmaster 2009-2019
Mr Max M Taylor 23/03/2009 Mathematics teacher
Mrs Sally S Thomson 30/03/1997 Brandeston Archivist
Mr Clive C Thorpe 30/03/2002 Housemaster of Stradbroke, Director of Studies, Head of Modern Languages
Mr Malcolm John M J Todd 30/03/2003 Estates Manager, Shooting
Mrs Margaret M E Tomkin 30/03/1985 Governor and Justice of the Peace
Mr Harry R HR Townshend 30/03/1980 Governor for 14 years
Mrs Elizabeth E Tydeman 24/03/2007 15 years teaching at Brandeston, instrumental in setting-up Foundation House. Retired 2005
Mr Brian F BF Underwood 30/03/1980 Housemaster of Moreau, Head of English, i/c Hockey. At Fram 1978-84
Mrs Sophia S van den Arend 0000-00-00 Governor, Member of F&GP
Mrs Mary M Vellacott 30/03/1995 Brandeston Maths & Games
Reverend Peter Graham P G Vellacott 26/03/2011 Pastoral and Religious care of Brandeston Hall while priest-in-charge of Easton (with Brandeston and Kettleburgh)
Mr Michael G MG Vipond 30/03/1991 Brandeston Senior Master
Mrs Sally S Walden 27/03/2021 FCPS Nurse from 2003-2008
Mrs Barbara Ann B A Wallis 30/03/1985 Governor
Mrs Elizabeth E A Walwanda-Ward 25/03/2006 Mathematics teacher. Tutor in Victoria, Ziegele & Pembroke
Mr Nicholas KD NKD Ward 30/03/1990 Bursar, Housemaster of Stradbroke, Head of Technology, Maths
Mr. Steven S W Waters 23/04/2010 Chaplain
Mr John J Watson 30/03/1994 CCF, Groundsman, Security
Mr John P JP Watterson 30/03/1982 Housemaster of Kerrison, Geography, Athletics, i/c Rugby, O/C RAF Section
Ms Susan S Wessels 29/03/2014 Senior Deputy Head, Hockey and Tennis coach. Geography department.
Mr John J Whipp 30/03/1977 SOFC, Housemaster of Stradbroke, Head of German, SOF Registrar, Vice President of SOF
Mr Graham G Wigley 08/04/2017 English Teacher 1987 -1999 Also Economics 1996-1999. Initially a tutor in Ziegele, he moved to be non-resident house tutor in Garrett before succeeding Tony Lawrence as Housemaster of Rendlesham for six years from 1992-98. He was appointed Assistant Director of Studies in 1997 and wrote the College’s academic timetable during his last two years at Framlingham. Graham coached U14 and U15 rugby and took the 2ndXI for cricket. A keen runner himself, he organised the College’s cross-country team and was in charge of the annual East Anglian Prep Schools cross-country races each March. He still runs regularly with Framlingham Flyers running club. Graham also joined the CCF and as Lieutenant Wigley went on to be head the CCF’s Navy section and helped on Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions in the Yorkshire Dales each October half term. Graham left the College when appointed as Academic Deputy at Wakefield Girls’ High School. He went on to be Head of Friends’ School, Saffron Walden, before retiring back to Suffolk, where he now works as a consultant for an educational charity.
Mr Robert G RG Williams 30/03/1980 Brandeston Second Master, SOFC, Vice President SOF (2010)
Mr Bruce B Wilson 29/03/2014 Deputy Head Co-Curricular at FCPS - joined the school in 2002.
Mrs Ros R Wilson 29/03/2014 House-mother at Brandeston (to be confirmed)
Mr Walter Elliott WE Winstanley 21/03/1960 Second Master. Joined staff 1925 (History and Housemaster of Kerrison). HM(K) from 1925 to 1965, Ran 1st XI cricket 1926-56, Editor of The Framlinghamian for 38 years. Retired July 1967 after a career of over 42 years..
Mr Dan D Wood 06/04/2019 Dan joined the College as Head of Catering and Events in July 2008
Mrs Nan N Wood 0000-00-00 Wife of Penny Farthing, former Bursar and Hon OF
Mrs Sally S Wood 08/04/2017 Started working at Framlingham College in 2007 in HR. She is now Head of Human Resources which involves managing the HR and Finance Team and leading the HR function for both schools.
Mrs Michelle M Wright 25/03/2006 Pre-Prep and Matron at Brandeston, involved in setting-up Nursery Department in 2002, then Nursery Nurse
Mr Trevor T Wright 08/04/2017 Trevor started the tennis coaching at both Schools in 2001 and worked full time, self employed at the College before becoming employed there in September 2006.
Mr David K D K Wybar 23/03/2012 Governor