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Charlotte Gower: Scholar 2013-2016

Charlotte Gower


Charlotte grew up in central London and therefore found Framlingham and the College, a clear contrast. She joined the College in 2008, in Year 9, as a member of Pembroke House, and soon got thoroughly involved in the cultural aspects to House life, most notably playing the ukulele in Year 9, but also taking part in their “Part Song” for five consecutive years. In her final year, she was deputy head of house and really enjoyed organising events such as the house dinner, the inter-house quiz team and participating in those Music competitions.
Looking back, Charlotte said, of the things she’ll really remember, “Just being in Pembroke, house dinners, spending summer afternoons at the Castle with my friends, endless trips to Kitties' cafe, singing a bit over-excitedly in Chapel with the Pembroke girls, seeing some really impressive speakers at FramSoc events, Fram as a community, house singing and dancing competitions, and of course the food – particularly the brownies & goats cheese tarts!”.
A keen member of the CCF Navy Section, Charlotte was promoted to Petty Officer, and Head of the Section. She feels this really helped her to develop the sort of teamwork and leadership skills that will be vital, both in her career, and in her role as a Moreau Scholar, acting as a focal point for her year-group.
She’s been a keen and analytical debater, and involved herself in the College’s Model United Nations team, representing it at The Hague. She says, “the research elements of these assignments were particularly rewarding, feeding my interest in international affairs and international development”.
It wasn’t only House Singing that got Charlotte’s attention – she achieved Grade 8 in Musical Theatre and her ABRSM (Royal School of Music) singing exam. She’s been a member of the school’s 'Schola', 'Prince Consort' and main Choir group and she also took part in a number of plays throughout her school career.
Her response to the opportunities presented by the Moreau Scholarship scheme was typically forthright: “the programme is so central to bringing our year-group and other year-groups together, regardless that we’re leaving the College. Despite the necessity of achieving qualifications, the most important thing I will leave with is a strong group of friends who I know I will stay in touch with. Keeping such friendships is vital for the whole year-group and I hope, through the Society of Old Framlinghamians, we will be able to preserve the friendships we’ve gained here. I hope to pull the whole year group together and of course work closely with all the other recent Moreau scholars”.
Outside school, Charlotte enjoys sailing and getting involved in the local community. She helped produce an educational film about young people’s awareness of body-image, which has been shown in schools across East Anglia.
Finally, Charlotte’s A-level focus, was on English Literature, History, English Literature and Geography. She hopes to study History and Politics at Trinity College, Dublin, and then start a career in the media, with a strong desire to travel and make that career an international one.