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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Obituaries>> Alan James Dorman (S61-69)


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Alan James Dorman (S61-69)


Contributed by Peter Mehta (S61-67):
Alan started at Brandeston in 1961 and went on to Framlingham in 1963 where as a member of Moreau House he was one of the signatories to Bob Gillett’s bottle of port. After leaving Stradbroke House in 1969, he went on to Newcastle Teachers’ Training College and later obtained a B. Ed at the Open University.
He took a break from teaching in 1985 to join his father in the Black Horse Bookshop just opposite Norwich Cathedral. He was forced to close the bookshop in 2002 following changes to the net book agreement that meant that independent book sellers were no long viable.
Alan returned to teaching working at Northfields First School and at Town Close Preparatory School. His wide range of interests in art, literature, classical music, history, Pilates, walking, membership of Rotary and the Masons, steam engines and model railways and as a committed Christian meant that his memorial service at the Church of St George, Tombland in Norwich was packed to capacity.
It was his experience as a boarder at Framlingham College to which Alan attributed his creativity and independence of spirit. “They set us down in the middle of nowhere to keep us out of mischief” he said, and the outcome he implied was to foster creativity and a specialist form of delinquency.
Although Alan lost the battle against prostate cancer after fighting it with his inimitable good humour and fighting spirit, he was immensely pleased to be licenced as a lay reader in Norwich Cathedral just a few months before his death.
Alan leaves behind his devoted wife Francis and dear sister Catherine.


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