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Rebecca Peck: Scholar 2008-2011


Rebecca says that Framlingham College and Brandeston Hall have been incredibly important to her over the past seven years. She’s not only made a great number of friends along the way, but believes the College has given her the stimulus and ability to do so much that she would otherwise never have dreamt of doing.  It’s this that make her feel that the Society of Old Framlinghamian is incredibly important;  it lets those who’ve left realise they will always be part of a community which they can turn back to throughout their life.  She plans to try her utmost to ensure that students past and present feel they are able to revisit the school when they want, and to attend and enjoy a wide variety of events. 

She’s already had some experience of breaking new entertainment ground, as she decided to pioneer a House Dancing competition earlier in the year. She hoped this would follow the success of House Singing, which is always hotly contested – and so it eventually was, though not without a lot of time and effort convincing people that it really would work, and they wouldn’t just be horribly embarrassed.  In the end, it was a great evening and everyone hopes that this event will now form part of the regular school calendar.

Rebecca was appointed Head of Moreau House at the start of her final year. She says, “among many amazing experiences, this gave me the opportunity of organising a 1940’s House Dinner, complete with swing band!”.  She’s also been a School Prefect,   and found the twin roles very demanding but hugely enjoyable.  She’s been a senior member of the CCF, a participant in the Model United Nations in The Hague, and Secretary of the Senior Debating Society in College.  In spite of these demands, she also managed to keep-up a part-time job as a waitress, in order to fund her personal life, where she learnt the benefits of sound financial planning and good social interaction.

After Fram, Rebecca is keen to pursue a career in Psychology, and is studying Geography, Religious Studies and Psychology at A Level, after which she hopes to go on to Exeter University. Her interest stemmed from her summer experience of shadowing an Educational Psychologist in Ipswich, and she thinks that working within the educational service, either as a psychologist or as a psychology teacher, are two strong vocational options for the future. 

Before all that, though, Rebecca is taking a gap year teaching in New Zealand, where she’ll take up a tutorial position in a junior boys’ boarding school in a small village called Marton (North Island), where her key roles will be that of boarding supervision and helping out in games. The step-change from student to member of staff is something she’s greatly looking forward to, and she hopes she’ll come home with many new friends and valuable experiences.  She is, however determined to play her part within the Old Framlinghamian society, and feels that with the use of modern technology she can ensure she keeps in contact with all of her friends, and particularly with fellow-scholar James Pearson who she will try her best to help with organising year-group events, even if she is the other side of the world!