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Abigail Mackrill: Scholar 2006-2009

Scholarship Diary

15th August 2006: Abz gets her A-level results - Three A's! She's now off to York to read for a degree in History.

1st July 2006: Scholarship presentation by Lord Wilson of Dinton, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Abz's mentor, Norman Porter, is there to welcome her as a member of the SOF and its Council.


Abz feels very strongly that Framlingham College is her Home. She joined in year 10 having, as she says, chosen the school for herself. She found Fram an enormous contrast from her earlier school and, although a late joiner, she was immediately made welcome and found friendships which she believes she will have for life. Her favourite subject is History, but she loves languages (she has already taken part in a French Exchange programme) and English Literature. Ever one to keep her horizons broad, she included Chemistry in her AS level studies.

She is deputy head of Victoria House and Secretary of the Sixth Form Society where, with her fellow-scholar Hannah, she wrestled with the issues of changing licensing laws and their impact on social gatherings.

Abz has been a keen member of the CCF Navy Section where, as a Petty Officer, she feels she’s developed teamwork and leadership skills that will be vital both in her career, and as a Moreau Scholar acting as a focal point for her year-group.

A keen and analytical debater, she involved herself in the College’s Model United Nations team and represented it at the Isle of Wight Assembly and then in Geneva where she represented Ecuador. She says that the research elements of these assignments have been really rewarding, developing the ability to read, understand and collate information into a fluent and coherent response. However, she got the most enjoyment out of getting to know other members of the team really well, working as a group and being responsive to others.

Outside school, Abz is an accomplished Ballet dancer and has performed publicly in Croydon and at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. She’s not sure how long she can keep this up, as ballet demands enormous efforts to maintain fitness and keep in practice.

Looking forward, Abz plans to read History at University, combining this with a new language if at all possible.