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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden




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James Aubrey Hyman (1925-2004)


On 20 November 2004 aged 79

Upon leaving school in 1943 James went straight into the RAF where he trained as a bomb aimer. In many ways fortunate not to see active service in this role he was sent to Germany at the end of the war while waiting to be demobilized.

Returning to London he became re-acquainted with Molly while working in the John Lewis Department store together. They had met a number of years previously when Molly was on holiday in Western Super Mare and he was stationed nearby. Their relationship blossomed and they soon married.

At this time James began his training as a hotelier, first at the Piccadilly Hotel in London and then in Switzerland. He became Assistant Manager at the Mackworth Hotel in Molly’s hometown of Swansea and it was here, soon after, that their daughter Sally was born. His first post as Manager was at the Royal Hotel in Bath before moving to the Queensway Hotel in London where his son Jonathan was born. In 1967 he returned to his first love, Swansea, to manage the Dolphin Hotel where he stayed until retirement.

James’ hobbies included fishing, philately and golf and he was also a member of Swansea Lion’s Club where he became President. Although a Patron of Swansea Rugby Football Club and practically an adopted Welshman, he always showed his true colours when Wales played England, supporting his native country against his adopted one.