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Victor Allison SUTTON MBE (G41-44)

He died in a accident at Levington Marina on 27 March 2004 aged 75. The funeral was held at St. Johns Church, Felixstowe.

Victor was tragically drowned, together with his friend Charles Pennington, in the yacht harbour at Levington after attending a dinner to mark the opening of Haven Ports Yacht Club’s season. An experienced sailor and seafarer, his death, and the manner of it, was a great shock to all close to him.

The son of a former Great Yarmouth harbourmaster, he served at sea with the Royal Mail Line from 1946 until 1959 when, having attained the rank of Captain, he moved on to the Port of London Authority before becoming Harwich harbourmaster in 1971. At this time the Port of Harwich was quite a small organization but, with the appearance of larger container ships, expansion was inevitable and, among other things, called for the dredging of the deep channels. Harwich Haven Authority and Victor were very involved in this which was the catalyst for the growth of the Port of Felixstowe in the 1970s and 1980s. Without doubt he was very important to the phenomenal success of Felixstowe in developing into the premier container port in the United Kingdom.

In the 1980s there was discussion on the reform of the United Kingdom pilotage system and Victor became a major adviser to the Government on this reform. In 1988 all pilotage was taken away from Trinity House and given to the local ports, this change being managed by him.

Captain Sutton was awarded the MBE in 1983 and, in addition to his other activities, found time to serve on the Suffolk Coastal District Council and the Felixstowe Town Council. Victor is survived by his wife Anne and sons Robert, Richard and Philip.