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For general enquiries on the website, click here to email the website administration team.

This website was designed by Ben Dunham. The site is now maitained by a team of volunteers (see below). If you'd like to offer help to the team, and perhaps become one of them on a permanent basis, please do get in touch. There's always more to do than the resources available.

Jane Easey
Victoria 1987-1989
Jane Easey
An OF with children at the College Jane works in the alumni office as the OF Co-ordinator. Jane has worked in education primary and secondary for many years. Her previous position was at The History of Advertising Trust working with archive material and writing online English and Media teaching resources.
Click here to email Chris.

Chris Essex
Kerrison 1969-1975
Chris Essex
As Chris is also the editor for the OF Mag Overseas Bag, so he tends to answer most enquiries from our Overseas OFs; but whoever and wherever you are, he is pleased to answer your questions and welcome you to the SOF. He is also currently SOF President.
Click here to email Chris.

Peter Howard-Dobson
Rendlesham 1965-1969
Peter Howard-Dobson
Peter doesn't actually do much Admin (he claims he isn't sufficiently adept!), but we keep his photo here to remind us that he's our "Agent Provocateur" on the OF Council.

He has a long history in the world of Telecommunications, and currently runs an Estate Management business providing mast sites for mobile phone companies (well, someone's got to do it).
Click here to email Peter.

Tim Mitchell
Rendlesham 1967-1977
Tim Mitchell
Tim works as an independent IT consultant specialising in network management, website administration and database design especially for the public sector and the government affairs industry.
Click here to email Tim.

Richard Rowe
Stradbroke 1965-1974
Richard Rowe
Former editor for the OF Mag Overseas Bag (1998-2006), Richard has been involved with the website since its inception; whoever and wherever you are, he is pleased to answer your questions and welcome you to the SOF.
Click here to email Richard.

Previous members of the team have been as follows :

Ben Dunham
Rendlesham 1996-2000
Click here to email Ben.

Giles Gooding
Garrett 1983-1988
In his day job, he works as a software developer for a small software house based near Ipswich.
Click here to email Giles.

Brian Johnson
Rendlesham 1975-1978
Brian Johnson
Brian is 'retired' (due to ill-health - ME) but has 'worked' in the IT Industry, regardless, for the last 15 years. Currently he operates a number of websites serving an online community of musicians and independent artist-producers.
Click here to email Brian.