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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


SOF Rifle Club Pipped at the Post
Just as with England’s national sports teams, the Old Frams, high on expectation reverted to type in the inaugural Lizard Cup on 5 June at Bisley and displayed heroic failure against the Auld Enemy.

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OF Newmarket Supper Report
The Supper was held at the Rutland Arms Hotel on Friday, 7 May 2004 at which some 35 OFs and guests were present. James Ruddock reports on the evening.

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A R O P S Conference
A record 130 delegates attended the Association of Representatives of Old Pupils Societies (A R O P S) conference at St. Swithun’s School, Winchester, on 15 May. James Ruddock, the SOF Magazine's Editor, reports on the day.

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OF's charity bike ride for Bowel Cancer Awareness and Research
John Masson (M74-79), a gastroenterologist who has worked at the Townsville Hospital in Queensland for the last 7 years, is cycling from Sydney to North Queensland (2,100km, about 1,300 miles) in September 2004. His ride is in aid of Bowel Cancer Awareness and Research. Anyone, particularly our Austrialian OFs, who might be able to assist with corporate or other sponsorship please read this attachment.

Further details: jmasson@austarnet.com.au

David Carr picks up Treasurer role from Keith Handley

Keith Handley (S 47-53) stood down from his role as Treasurer of the Society at this year's AGM. There was no permanent replacement available at the time of the meeting, and Richard Overend offered to fill the role on a temporary basis. However, at the Council meeting at Rivenhall on 23rd April, David Carr (S 67-74) volunteered for the post and was swiftly co-opted onto the Council.

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SOF Mailing List
Every mailing the Society sends to OFs has a small proportion returned by the Post Office as "Gone Away". The following have so far been returned after the Spring 2004 mailing:

Miss HE Fetto, JCF Maundrell, CM Easey, DL Bishop, Miss BN Kidner, Miss JS Lidstone, Miss IE Haselmann, Miss JC Darby and Mr JH Darby, PJ Robinson, IR Thomson, MP Osborne, Roger Clayton, MR Lewellen, NJ Murphy, PE Kendall, Miss HE Sale, AD Farnworth, JJ Bye, Miss FC McLaren, MW Nunn, Miss FH Henney.

Any up-to-date news of their whereabouts would be very welcome. Please email SOFregistrar@oldframlinghamian.com

College and Brandeston Hall Newsletters Online

With help from the College website team, we're able to bring you direct access to the latest College and Brandeston Hall Newsletters. Please click on "the school" at the top of the page and follow the appropriate link. When you've finished reading each newsletter, close the browser window to get back to our main website.