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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


OF Shooter represents NRA UK
Kimberley Pope
Kimberley Pope (Moreau 2004-9), a member of the OF Rifle Club, has been selected for the NRA UK team to tour the Channel Islands at the end of May. You can read about Kimberely on page 18 of the special brochure . As well as the College advertisement on page 17, the Society has provided a grant of £250 to Kimberley.

We wish her well and look forward to hearing how she gets on.

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Suffolk finds a new yound champion
Lottie Wyman - Suffolk Champ - picture
Congratulations to OF Lottie Whyman (V09-14) for becoming the new Suffolk Ladies' Golf Champion. Click here to see report .

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150th Anniversary San Diego Weekend
San Diego - IMG_2114
Continuing the 150th anniversary events, after much hard work by Jules and Nick Arthur, there was a wonderful weekend of events over 24 & 25 April 2015. The weekend kicked off with a cocktail party hosted by Jules and Michele at their home. This was followed Saturday lunchtime by a beach party hosted Nick & Paddi Arthur at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, where activities such as kayaking, surfing and boche ball were available that you don’t get at your average OF event in the UK! Then in the evening it was cocktails at sunset followed by dinner at Eddie V's in La Jolla, where most attendees were staying.

Click here to see photos taken and a fuller report.

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Invite to 150th Anniversary Event in Germany
German Dinner - small
Kim Dickel (M97-98) and Jens Kippenberger (G91-92) are organising a first ever German OF event to mark the College's sesquicentenary celebrations.

There will be a supper on Friday 10 July 2015 in Hamburg and you can see more details by clicking here, followed by other activities on Saturday.

Please get in touch with Kim or Jens by 31 May if you would like to attend. The SOF President and Hon Sec and their wives will be going and it is hoped that the Headmaster and his wife will also be there.

read more

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150th Anniversary ANZAC Event
After 3 years in the planning, the 150th Anniversary events continued with a gathering of 56 in the Hunter Valley Australia. The guest of honour was Trish Evans, the widow of Len Evans (G42-48), who had vineyards in the Hunter Valley and was responsible for popularising Australian wine around the world.

Also amongst those attending were 7th and 14th oldest OFs at 93 and 92 – Peter Bailey (K34-38) and Peter Simpson (K32-40) who amazingly had beds next to each other over 80 years ago. It was also great to have David Ashton, Deputy Academic Head present from the College.

Click here to read a brief report from Chris Shaw and click here to see just a few photos taken over the weekend.

Some OFs were together for up to 5 days and the one item that wasn’t meticulously planned by Chris Shaw (K50-56), Rebecca and Mike Garnett (R53-55) was the weather, which, after the event, turned into the worst April weather experienced in the area since records began.

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SOF's Linkedin Group Tops 600
It's taken a while to get there, but the Society's private user-group on Linkedin.com has recently topped 600. This should provide a critical mass of Old Framlinghamians, of all ages, and in varying stages of their career paths, to provide help and support, both to each other, and to younger Framlinghamians taking their first steps as they prepare to move on from the College to university or employment.

If you're interested in finding out more, please take a look at "Career Networking", which you'll find under "About us" on the main OF Website menu.  All SOF members are entitled to membership of our private user-group, and if we hold your email address, you're probably already approved for Group membership. However, if you find that you can't complete LinkedIn's registration process, just send an email to Admin.

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Tony Lawrence - Singer at FA Cup Final!
Tony Lawrence (Hon. OF) is set to follow in Laura Wright’s footsteps, and sing on the  hallowed turf of Wembley!

If you’re watching the 2015 F.A. Cup Final, on 30 May, keep a sharp lookout for Tony, who, as a member of the 'Songs of Praise' Football Fans Choir, will be singing 'Abide with Me' ahead of the match.

Tony was selected, together with 63 other fortunate fans, one from each club which contested this season's 3rd Round of the Cup. You can't miss him; he’ll be draped in Sheffield Wednesday colours (quite possibly with a large blue & white owl on his shoulder!). Bob Williams (who contributed this piece and is also an Hon. OF) also submitted an entry, reflecting his 45 year adherence to ITFC, in the hope that it might prove a 'double' for former Common Room veterans, but sadly, it was not to be!

To see Tony's rather moving submission as to why he deserved to be his Club's representative at Wembley, follow this link.

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Newmarket Supper 2015
Rutland Arms Hotel
It may not be Pembroke College, but the Rutland Arms has been around for a few centuries too. Renew those friendships in quieter surroundings; make new ones or just reminisce in convivial company at the Newmarket Supper, which will be held at The Rutland Arms Hotel, High Street, Newmarket on Friday 15th May 2015. Dress informal: 7.00pm for 7.45pm, £26.00 per person. Wives and partners are welcome. Celebrate our sesquicentennial anniversary by contacting that old friend you have not seen for ages and invite them along. It is hoped that a representative of the College will be attending the supper to provide us with the latest news from our alma mater.

Click here for more details including an application form. Please book by the 11th May 2015. Any questions please contact Michael Smy

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150th Anniversary Dubai Events
Continuing the 150th anniversary events, a small reunion was held recently in Dubai. Present on 15 April 2015 were new SOF President Chris Essex (K69-75) and his wife Eryl, plus Ed Marr (G85-92) and his wife Junko. Also present should have been Robert Craig (R63-70) but unfortunately his short plane flight across from Muscat got delayed by 3 hours.

Despite his 3 hour delay Robert did arrive in Dubai around midnight and Chris and Ed met up with Robert for breakfast the following morning, where Chris presented OF socks. Click here to see photos taken and a fuller report. Robert will be retiring shortly and has offered to help with website administration in the future.

A number of other OFs in the region gave their apologies, including Stephen Sayer (S58-63) who was already on his way out to Australia for 150th event in Hunter Valley.

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150th Anniversary South African Dinner
South Africa - FullSizeRender(2)
Mike Bullock (R55-59) organised a very successful 150th anniversary dinner in Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday 8 April 2015. The venue was the Wombles in Parktown North. The occasion brought together the following Anne and James Campbell (M74-82), Mike Hood (K84-90), Susan Wessels (Senior Deputy Head, Mark Gooding (G79-83), Katyala Maine (K84-89), Adam Phillips (G78-83) and Mike Bullock (R55-59). A great time was had by all attending and there was a determination to have another South African dinner soon.

Click here to see a larger version of the group photo and some others taken at the dinner. Also included is a photo of the centre piece created by Mike B using his old school cap!

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