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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Another OF Rifle Club victory!
Never mind Chelsea. The OFRC is on the brink of an historic treble, but we need you. If you used to shoot and aren’t doing anything on 4th June 2005, then read on...

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A Splendid Occasion: Thanksgiving for Norman Borrett
A couple of hundred OFs, College staff and students, representatives of Allhallows School and sporting organisations gathered in the College Chapel yesterday, and later in Paul's Court, to celebrate the life of Norman Francis Borrett.

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Wanted: Volunteer(s)
"Wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success"

Actually we are not re-enacting Shackleton's journey to the Antarctic but we do need a volunteer or volunteers to take on the development and management of the "Famous OFs" section of the SOF media. YOU DO NOT NEED TECHNICAL ABILITY. We don't want to describe the work in too much detail as the remit and time-commitment is really up to the right person(s) to develop. We do have some ideas and potential leads and have already done some preparatory work in the website archive; liaison will be vital with the rest of the SOF media team on leads and potential stories.

Email your interest to the Website Team - webmaster@oldframlinghamian.com

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More SOF and College News publications on-line
Click on the "Publications" link in the menu at the top of this page to see all the recent College, Brandeston Hall and SOF publications. Recent additions include:

College and Brandeston Newsletters - Spring 2005
SOF/College Yearbook - Autumn 2004
SOF Newsletter - Spring 2005

St George's Day Q Match Victory
For the first time since it was presented in 1962, the Old Framlinghamians have won the trophy for successive years. And after a 14 year hiatus it is the third time in four years the OFRC has lifted the silverware.

[Click "Read More" to see the full story.]

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Wartime Booklet Published by SOF
John Waddell's excellent and much anticipated booklet: "Their Swords are in Your Keeping" has just been published by the SOF and is available, mail order, from Norman Porter (General Secretary). Details are available by clicking on Read More.

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Stronger Links between SOF and College approved at AGM
Dateline 19th March, 2005:
Norman Porter's final act as President of the Society was to steer through the revisions to our rules which, among other things, provide for the appointment of current students (Head of School, Toby Hough and Head Girl, Roberta Organ) and of the College faculty to our Council. Andrew Wright was then duly elected President and led the meeting in paying tributes to Norman's presidency.

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Kirsty Wybar Leads Cambridge Ladies to Varsity Victory
Dateline Aldeburgh - 21st March 2005
Kirsty (P 90-03)and her team reversed last year's defeat by Oxford with a resounding eight and a half to a half victory at Aldeburgh, bringing Cambridge only their second victory in the eight years that the event has been running.

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Anyone for Skype?
Alfred Molson (K38-43) is one of our more senior OFs who lives in Texas. He is also a member of the Houston Area League of Personal Computer users. Hence the domain name of his email address - authoriseduser@hal-pc.org. Alfred says that he is not technically competent at computers but keen to learn, particularly as he relies on his bank of computer screens at home to continue his daily financial trading. He is now a keen proponent of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) of which Skype is probably the most popular, and easy to use and instal, of the various programs available. And it is free to use if calls are made computer to computer. However it is very easy to call computer to telephone to most places in the world at a basic rate of about 2p/minute!!

Click on "Read More" to learn all about it. Certainly all the SOF web team use Skype and love it!

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New Photos in Website Gallery
Recent photos added to the Gallery include:

Garrett Hockey 1st XI - 1974?? - Iain Dickson kindly supplied the photo and remembered the names of all his teammates but cannot recall the exact year. Is it 1974? He adds that Garrett beat Rendlesham 3-2 in the final. See - 1970s Gallery.

Rendlesham House photo - 1981 - Paul Langham had a good go at identifying his contemporaries but some blanks remain. See - 1980s Gallery. In the same section are photos of Ziegele House 1984 and Rendlesham 1986 - but with no-one identified. Let us know if you have any names.

There are many more photos with gaps in the names, so do have a look at the Gallery and let us know if you may be able to assist with identification.

Any help in filling in the information gaps or even supplying more photos would be appreciated (either email a scanned image or contact us if you need us to do the scanning) . Email the website team - webmaster@oldframlinghamian.com.