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Good Turn-Out at Newmarket Supper
Peter Golding reports: "Another successful Supper was held at The Rutland Arms Hotel on Friday the 4th of May. Thirty-one members and guests attended and, in the absence of our President Brian Smith, Norman Porter took the chair and gave us a brief resume of College and Society affairs. Unfortunately,the College's representative was unable to attend at the last minute. However, this gave more time for members to reminisce amongst themselves."

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The Waugh/Butters Family
Chris Essex writes:Continuing my work on researching and documenting Distinguished OFs and in particular on some of the families that have attended the College over the generations, I have just put up a detailed description of the Waugh/Butters Family. Over the last couple of months I have been helped by John Waugh (K41-48) to put this piece togther.

They are a remarkable racing family both here in the UK and in Europe. You can read their fascinating history by clicking here.

This research was helped by John lending me a copy of the Waugh family history, "The Racing Waughs", that was published by one of his many relations - see picture. My thanks to John for his help on this piece.

I'm sure members of the Simpson family would like me to point out that while 27 Waughs have attended Framlingham, 28 Simpsons have attended and you can see their family tree here!

To view other families that I have documented on the Distinguished section, click here.

OF Golf Society Spring Meeting
The OFGS Spring Meeting was held in glorious weather at The Warren Golf Club near Maldon on Tuesday, 22nd May. It was attended by 24 playing OF’s and 2 who came for lunch and to support the participants.

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Overseas Bag - Spring 2007
As the editor of the Overseas Bag, I’m delighted to say that I have just published the latest news and views from Overseas OFs for Spring 2007 in the People section (click here to go to the People section or use the menu at the top of the page. You will need to be signed in to the website to access the Overseas Bag).

This is yet another bumper edition with 24 pages of news and pictures from around the world and well worth a good read. Space considerations mean that both the Newsletter and Yearbook can only contain a very edited version of this news.

(Read article to find out who these OFs are. As a clue, they are attending a recent Queensland OF Supper)

OF Section of Yearbook available online
Update dated 14 May 07 - The long awaited hardcopy of the 2006 Yearbook is with the printers and should be in the mail before the end of May. The 2007 Newsletter is on its way to the printers and should be in the mail by the end of June.

Original dated 18 March 07 - Members of the Society will already know of the delay in publication of the College section of the 2006 Framlingham Yearbook. The recent mailing of our News Bulletin provided explanations and interim information.

As members will probably realise, the SOF section has been ready for some time, and the Society would very much like website-registered members, at least, to have a chance to see the OF section before the AGM on March 24th. OF news is becoming a little stale, and the time before the publication of the June newsletter is now rapidly shrinking.

The College team quite understand the position and are happy that this website release should go ahead now, but please be assured that they are extremely keen that the full version (College Section, Brandeston Section and OF Section) should still be our joint aim, and you will have the hard copy version in your hands within a few weeks.

We are sorry about this year’s difficulties but all parties are working hard to ensure that the 2007 Yearbook will be delivered on time, at the turn of the year.

Norman Porter (Editor OF Section. Framlingham Yearbook)

To view the electronic version of the 2006 OF Section, make sure you're logged in, and then go to the Publications menu item.

OF Golf - Grafton Morrish Tournament
Teams of three pairs, playing scratch foursomes, with stableford scoring

Gavin Cowell’s first team is to be congratulated on successfully qualifying for the knockout stages of the Grafton Morrish Tournament to be held at Hunstanton and Brancaster between 5th and 7th October 2007. This was our first success in qualifying since the run of three consecutive years from 1996-1998.

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OF in Silverjet Website Award
Robin Smallwood (S82-86) was part of the team to win the coveted Travolution Award for Best British Airline website for www.flysilverjet.com – ahead of stiff competition from British Airways, Virgin, BMI and others. Robin was hand picked by Lawrence Hunt, CEO of Silverjet, to form a website team of 7 people to design the Silverjet website. The website team formed a company called Altitude Business Systems to deliver the Silverjet project. The website team started the day after Silverjet was floated on the AIM stockmarket in May 2006; and won the award in April 2007.

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West-of-England Supper on 9th June 2007
Update dated 11 May 2007 The following are attending: Charles Carter and guest, Peter Denny and guest, Chris Essex and guest, Ian Hardaker-Jones and guest, Nigel Hyde and guest, Peter Lockwood and guest, Norman Porter, Brian Smith, Bob Williams and guest). There are a couple of spaces still left if anyone wishes to join us, so please hurry and contact me.

You can download an invitation and return-form (complete with menu) by clicking here. Alternatively, please email me using this link: Chris Essex

Original article dated 3 March 2007 After a successful “re-birth” last year, Chris Essex (K 69-75) has organised another West-of-England Supper. This will again take place at the Lamb Inn, Hindon, Wiltshire on Saturday 9th June 2007 at an unchanged price. If you'd like to check the Lamb's website, click here: Lamb at Hindon.

Please click on Read More for further details and a link to an application form.

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Pair of OF's finish second in race to the North Pole
John Barker (Z 90-95) & Alex Henney (Z 90-95) have just returned from competing in the 2007 Polar Race, a 300 nautical mile race from the town of Resolute in Canada to the magnetic North Pole.

The pair finished second overall, out of the 6 teams, having taken 15 days, 32 minutes & 24 seconds to cover the 337 statute miles. They ended only 6hrs 55 minutes behind the leaders, but several days ahead of the third place team.

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Rifle Club Victory: Wings of ravens bring Q Match home
A legend from the time of Charles II has it that when the ravens leave the Tower of London, the White Tower and then the kingdom, will fall. The OF Rifle Club has exactly same superstition about talismanic club captain Nigel “Beady” Burnip.

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