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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Distinguished OFs
If you have not visited the Distinguished OFs section recently, you will find that Chris Essex has been hard at work. There are now over 700 names listed with more than 300 detailed articles; and the list keeps growing. The list covers from the College start in 1865 through to current students. There is a large section on the Services including our 3 VC's; there are Princes, Barons, Knights, Sawbwe's (have a look if you don't know what that is!), Prime Ministers, and MPs; Presidents of the Royal Academy and members of the Royal Society; pioneering aviators, engineers, doctors, dentists and brewers; Olympians and international sportsmen (hockey, cricket, squash, tennis, shooting and sailing). There are the College's own dynastic families stretching over 5 generations. Soon we hope to add film of Percy Pickard's raid on Amiens Prison; and audio from Augustus Agar VC. Take a little while to browse and enjoy the great heritage of being an OF. If you know of anyone that we have missed, please email Chris Essex at the Website Team. - you might even propose yourself (and you wouldn't be the first!).

Halford Hewitt: Success Eludes OF Golfers Once Again
Andrew Wright reports from Royal Cinque Ports, Deal, that Fram lost to Sherborne 1-4 in their first-round match on Thursday 29th March.

Sherborne, it may be remembered, were finalists last year, so it was no disgrace to lose to them, and Andrew tells us that the match score belies the closeness of the contest (see Read More).

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New Book by OF
Mike Waldren (K61-64), who recently retired from the Metropolitan Police as Chief Superintendent and Head of the Met Firearms Unit, has written a new book "Armed Police: The Police use of Firearms Since 1945", published by "Sutton Publishing" ISBN 978-0-7509-4637-7. Mike was awarded the Queen's Police Medal in 1999 and is listed in the Distinguished OFs.

Second oldest OF dies
Update - 28th March 2007: We have just discovered that Ben Fickling CBE (G1923-27) was the second oldest OF until his death on 27th January 2007 when Jack Baldry took over the accolade. Ben is listed in the Medical section of the Distinguished OFs. Born on the 14th July 1909, Ben was 97 when he died. Click here to view Ben's Times Obituary dated 14th March 2007.

Original article dated 17th March 2007: Jack Baldry (G 23-29), the second oldest OF, has died on 15th March 2007 aged 95. The funeral was held at Badingham Church on Wednesday 21st March 2007 at 2.30pm. Jack and his wife Ruby celebrated their Platinum Wedding on 13th April 2006. The oldest living OF is Maurice Metcalf (R 20-24) now 99.

Anthony Rosen S40-48 1930-2007
Anthony Rosen (S 40-48) died on 22nd March 2007 aged 76. Brother of Michael Rosen (S 40-46) and Brian Rosen (S 40-46), Anthony was an extremely well known farmer, company director and farming journalist and also had a lifelong affection for Framlingham. He had published several books including a recent autobiography. He is survived by his wife Hilary and children Andrew, Howard and Pip. A celebration of his life was held at Basingstoke Crematorium on 3rd April 2007 at 2pm.

An obituary for Anthony appeared in The Times dated 11th April 2007.

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Newmarket Supper - 4th May 2007
Will be held in The Wolverton Room,Rutland Arms Hotel,High Street,Newmarket on Friday the 4th of May 2007. Invitations will be going out at the end of March. Any O.F. not receiving one and wanting to attend please email Peter Golding. How about organising a group of your years at Fram?!!

Maurice Metcalf turns 99
Maurice Metcalf (R20-24), who is the oldest OF, turned 99 on 10th March 2007. Maurice currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina in the US.

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What happened to Choy wei chung?
Updated - 14 March 07: The son of Jack Watkis has sent three more photos from the 1930s (click "Read More" below). Can anyone assist us to identify who is in the photos? One appears to be a House photo; the second contains Percy Pickard; and the last is a CCF Field day. We will add these photos to the Gallery as soon as it is back-up an functioning again.

Original Article - 30 Dec 06: The son of Jack Watkis 29-33 recently made contact searching for information on both his father and on his father's best friend at Fram, Choy wei chung 29-31 (see Gallery photo of CCF 1930). Choy appears in the Distinguished OFs section as he was an accomplished tennis player. Choy played for the China Davis Cup team and was the first Chinese and OF to play on centre court at Wimbledon. After that we cannot find any more information. If anyone knows what happened to Choy, please email the Website Team.

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Tom Jarrold - Fram's Winter-Olympics Prospect
Tom Joined Framlingham College last September, having already completed a successful introductory season with the British Ski Academy at Chamonix. The thirteen-year-old's now well into his second season, and has just returned from his first race meeting, where he confirmed his position amongst the top group in the country for his age.

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Two OFs in the News
The Sunday Telegraph dated 25th February 2007 had an article about the "Cock-up Club" based in the Folly Wine Bar, Petersfield, Hampshire. The club celebrates "curiosity, passion and cock-up". Two OFs, Richard Vaughan-Griffith K60-64 and Charles Blackmore K65-75, were founder members. As both of these are also listed in the Distinguished OFs, you might expect them to have some extreme passion for adventure to qualify. Perhaps they exemplify the description of another great adventurer, Miles Smeeton, who was once described by his commanding officer as "having enormous capacity for getting out of very difficult situations ....... that he perhaps should not have got into in the first place".

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