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"Green Book" Goes Electronic
The last Framlingham College Register (commonly known as 'the Green Book' because of its deep green cover) was published in 1968 - the last of a succession of such books providing a snap-shot of the College and Post-College careers of its alumni.

The cost of creating a modern printed equivalent is too high to contemplate, let alone the human resource required to research and compile it. However, all is not lost. The online database within the SOF Website has the capability to produce an electronic version, which auto-compiles using information extracted from the database each time a particular year is requested. All we need is for members to complete their own entries in full - and to update them from time to time - and for the odd volunteer to step forward to help transcribe historic entries from the old Green Books!

The Electronic Green Book can be found within the Directory menu (via the navigation bar above), and guidance on its use will be found on clicking the Electronic Green Book menu item.

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SOF Website adds Career Networking Feature to Website
After many requests from younger OFs, the website team is proud to announce that, in collaboration with Linkedin.com, it has developed a private SOF business & career networking capability for use only by registered users of the SOF Website.

The system has been trialled by a small group of some 35 OFs and has proved easy to use. It allows members to search for OFs in a wide range of industry sectors - though its ultimate usefulness will be entirely dependent on the number of OFs who register on it.

Please click on the main menu item, Career Networking, to find out more - and please then follow the link provided to accept an invitation to join the SOF Linkedin Group.

OF Girls Hockey Match - Thursday 20th September
Former Head Girl, Sinead Collins (M1999-2007), is organising an OF Hockey match on Thursday 20th September against the Girl's 1st XI. The match will be held at the College and the exact timing will be confirmed later.

Any lady OF who is interested in playing then please email Sinead on shnedved@hotmail.co.uk

Moreau Scholars Get Awards at Glittering Speech Day
Katie Blow and Robert Norman received their first £800 Scholaship Award cheques from Stuart Rose, Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer plc at Speech Day Prize Giving today (7th July). After the awards ceremony, there was bright sunshine to welcome everyone to some fine cricket on The Back and plenty to eat and drink in the marquee.

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Schneidau and Masson successfully complete 900 Mile Charity Bike Ride
Update on 5 July 2007 – Chris Essex (K69-75) writes – I’m delighted to say that John & Mike have successfully completed their marathon cycle ride from the Scilly Isles to the Shetland Isles on 26 June 2007. They completed 905 miles with 1 broken chain, 3 punctures and I broken collar bone (this occured when Mike hit a pot hole on the marvellous Glaswegian Roads and crashed onto the pavement after having completed 700 miles!)

You can see photos by clicking here.

They were joined on Shetland by Peter Howard-Dobson (R65-69) and he has sent in his story – you can read this by clicking here.

They undertook this epic ride to raise £10,000 for Bowel Cancer, so why not donate on-line at http://www.justgiving.com/ukride07

Original article : Mike Schneidau (M 72-77) and John Masson (M 74-79) will start a 900 Mile bike ride on 11th June, taking them from the southern-most Scilly Isle to the northern-most Shetland Isle where they plan to arrive on 27th June. In doing so they hope to raise at least £10,000 for the Charity, Bowel Cancer UK.

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OF Golf - Cyril Gray Tournament reports
Cyril Gray Tournament (Three pairs, each individual over 50)

28th - 30th June 2007

Richard Cullinan reported that the OF pairings of Robin Beckwith & Michael Spencer, Peter Watts & Martin Lamb and Robin Anderton & Richard Cullinan all won their 1st round matches in a convincing 3-0 win over Chigwell. In the 2nd round we lost 1-2 to Wrekin, who reached the final. In the matches that were lost we were up, only to sadly collapse at the end. However, everyone had lots of fun and the team spirit was good.

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Red-faced OF Rifle Club lands double treble at Bisley on 2 June
OFRC’s huge showing of 11 shooters brought them victory at the All Day Championships, otherwise known as the Lizard Goblet, a shoulder to shoulder match against the auldest enemy – the Old Lawrentians.

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West of England Supper - 9 June 2007
Chris Essex (K 69-75) writes: "The West of England Supper was held at the Lamb Inn at Hindon, Wiltshire on Saturday 9th June 2007. The Lamb Inn has been a public house since the 12th century and the dining room was again a lovely setting for our 3-course meal, which was chosen on the evening.

Whilst we were relatively small in number we came from a wide geographical area covering Bath & North East Somerset, Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Suffolk - so almost a different county for each of us! We were also delighted to be accompanied by 7 wives, making a total of 17 in all. A good time was had by all.".

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Moreau Scholars Selected for 2007 Awards
The Society is delighted to announce that Robert Norman(Stradbroke) and Katie Blow(Victoria) are the winners of its Moreau Leaving Scholarships for 2007. Peter Howard-Dobson (R 65-69), chairman of the selection panel, said: "We were amazed at the sheer volume of email support for all the candidates, and were immensely grateful for all the advice we received from staff and students over the course of the year.

The final interviews were quite simply a joy. What a very impressive group of young people, all of whom gave an excellent account of themselves. Ultimately, though, we had to select just two of them and found that we were united in choosing Robert and Katie. We're thrilled at the prospect of two such super Framlingham College graduates joining the scholarship programme, and look forward to the presentation of their awards on Speech Day."

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Antarctic Peninsula - Cruise Expedition Opportunity Nov/Dec 2008
Martin Myers-Allen, Senior Master at the College, has been organising journeys of self-discovery for students over many years. Now, he's leveraged his relationship with Far Frontiers, to create an opportunity for OFs (and their partners) to make an amazing voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula. There are 16 places available (out of a total of only 53), on the cruise-refurbished polar and oceanographic research ship Professor Multanovskiy. This opportunity is only open to members and family of: The James Caird Society; The Royal Geographical Society with IBG; The Society of Old Framlinghamians and the South Georgia Association.

Destinations will include: The Falklands; South Georgia; the South Orkneys; The Antarctic Peninsula; The Weddell Sea including Paulet Island and Brown Bluff; the Orne Islands; and finally, Paradise Bay and the Melchior Islands. To find out more, just click on Read More.

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