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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Many of you, like me, may already be active supporters of the RNLI who save thousands of lives around the UK coasts every year. If so, you may already have received a letter from the RNLI Chief Executive, Andrew Freemantle MBE (S58-62), asking for your continued support for next year. What you may not know is that he is also an OF (S58-62)

For more information on supporting the RNLI, visit their website at: www.lifeboats.org.uk

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Rock On!
Phil Bower (G65-74) recently sent in a few photos of a gig from his latest group, Black Dayz, in Sydney (see www.blackdayz.shazbinkimages.com for more photos).

In the UK, Charlie Simpson (S90-99) with the group, Busted, have already achieved a Number One single, a double platinum album and a sold-out UK tour since their debut in Sept 2002 (see www.busted.com )

If there are any more OF bands or musicians out there, please let us know (contact the SOF Web Team).

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Framlingham in War Time
Following the original story in mid August 2004 below (see "read more") John Waddell (R39-46) received many recollections of the College "at war". He has plenty of contemporary team photographs but he is still looking for more personal photos from the war years.

In a separate initiative to the book commissioned by AROPS (Association of Representatives of Old Pupils Societies), the Society is planning to publish this material sometime next year.

If you have any suitable photos please contact John at:
Snape House, Snape, Suffolk, IP17 1QW; tel: 01728 688613

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New User-Fields: Supper Invitations & University/College
Your Website team have created two new database fields that we hope will be useful, and which we encourage everyone to fill-in (via Directory and Edit my Entry):

The first is to indicate your preference for invitations to the various OF Suppers - this will be particularly helpful for Supper Secretaries.

The second is to show where you went to University and/or College. Entries are free-form and fully searchable (like Sports & Leisure interests). This will be really useful for 6th formers looking for advice as to what specific Universities and Colleges are really like.

College Rugby on a high!
Several OFs have noted that the College 1st XV are having a good season - won 5, lost 1 at half-term. The College website publishes the sports results at:

OF in the News
In a recent emotional court case of national interest, the parents of a seriously-ill premature baby were permitted to have their High Court fight for her right to treatment heard in public. After the hearing Mr Justice Mark Hedley, Kt and OF (G56-65), found in favour of the hospital where the baby is being treated.

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New College and Brandeston Newsletters published
The Summer 2004 editions of the College and Brandeston Hall Newsletters are now on the website. Please click on "publications" at the top of the page and follow the appropriate link. When you've finished reading each newsletter, close the browser window to get back to our main website.

OF becomes Director-General Medical Services (Royal Air Force)
Simon Dougherty (G60-67) is promoted to the rank of Air Vice-Marshal, effective from 14 September 2004, and takes over as Director-General Medical Services (Royal Air Force)

(For photo, click "read more" below)

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Help needed on old team photograph
A Nigel Edwards has emailed us to ask for advice on identifying his grandfather or great-grandfather in a cricket photograph. See the Gallery.

He says: I know that the boy on the left of the three in the middle on chairs is a BENNETT. He is either my grandfather GUY ROUSSEAU BENNETT (born 1905), or my great-grandfather PHILIP CHARLES BENNETT (born 1867) or possibly one of several brothers of both, all of whom were at Framlingham in the 40 or so years around the turn of the century. It might be my grandfather's eldest brother JAMES NORMAN BENNETT (born 1895 and killed in action on the Western Front in 1917).)

Please e-mail the Website administration team if you have any information on this photograph.

Searching for lost cyclists - Spain 1963
During the school holiday of summer 1963 six intrepid lads from Framlingham cycled to San Felu de Guixols on the Spanish Costa Brava. John Birt (S59-63), George "Rory" Brown (S60-64), Richard Vaughan-Griffith (K60-64), Anthony Cowan (R55-64) and Mervyn Hills (R54-64) are known to have taken part. We are trying to remember who was the sixth member of our team, as JB, VG and RB are trying to put together a story of the epic trip.

Possible suggestions for No. 6 are Andy Hamer (S58-63) or Nick Rutter (S55-64). Nick is listed as Gone Away on the register; so the SOF Registrar would be pleased to receive his current contact information. Last reported as Professor of Paediatrics at Nottingham University.

We have also lost contact with Mervyn Hills - last reported as an Accountant in South Africa; so if anyone knows his whereabouts, please contact the SOF Registrar so we may update his contact information on the register.

If you are out there number 6 please contact Rory Brown at rorybrown@onetel.com

[Stop-Press - 1 Aug 2004 - We have now heard from Andy Hamer and Nick Rutter and neither are the 6th cyclist. Nick also reports that he cycled from London to San Feliu de Guixols on the Spanish Costa Brava in summer 1961 after "O-Levels", together with Rob Le Rougetel (K55-63 - currently head of the economics department at Merchant Taylor's School) and John Talbot (R57-64 - ex-head boy and Weymouth GP who tragically drowned a few years ago). Nick says he is still in touch with Rob and they remember their trip in great detail.]