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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Some Updates/Additions to Distinguished Section
I thought I’d highlight some recent additions and updates to the Distinguished section of the website. Although I’ve completed my main work on this section, new candidates for inclusion or updates on existing people continue to come along on a regular basis. Fascinatingly, some of this interest arises from non-OFs coming across the articles and contacting us. Here’s a selection of recent updates :-

John English Lott MC (1888-92) Although I had a basic entry on the WW1 Memorial page, I was contacted by a distant cousin of his, who provided much additional detail. She also told me that his ancestors lived at Flatford (Valley Farm) and he was related to Willy Lott, whose house was painted by John Constable in 'The Haywain'. You can read the article here.

Captain Thomas Somerville OBE DSO MC* (1896-1904) I’m indebted to Peter Gasgoyne-Lockwood (R57-64) for researching a very detailed updated, including the fact that he was recommended for a Victoria Cross. The article here includes copies of many documents, including the VC recommendation that became a DSO.

Commander “Jake” Wright DSC** (29-32) He died on 10 May 2008 and this article now includes a link to the Telegraph Obituary. Click here

I’ve also recently added Bryan Ivory (K48-52) to the distinguished section for his amazingly detailed work on military miniature figures and model ships – see here. I’d be interested to hear from anyone else with an amazing talent like Bryan’s. E-mail me by clicking here: Email Chris Essex.

Happy reading!

OF Rifle Club Win Third Consecutive Treble
Steve McDowell, shooting correspondent, is in fine song once again:
To the tune of “Ooops I did it again”:

BOOM!... We did it again.
We played for the prize, and shot out all the bulls.
Oh Nigel, Nigel
Oops... We hit one or two,
with a vee here and there, we conquered all the fools
But we’re not that gifted mate.
Boom! We did it again!

With apologies to Britney Spears, there’s so much to tell in so little space. Following another win in the All-Day Lizard Goblet and Club Championship last weekend (and that’s more of a mouthful than even Britney can manage), the OFRC is now unbeaten since 2005.

Except, that is, in the BIG ONE. The true test of how good we are will come on July 17th when we compete in the Public School Vets. Last year the A Team dropped only three points and came fifth, only beaten by the likes of ‘serious’ shooting schools Greshams and Epsom, which have between them supplied most of the international teams for a decade and more.

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OF Golf Society Spring Meeting
The OFGS Spring Meeting was held in fine weather at The Warren Golf Club near Maldon on Tuesday, 20th May. Twenty four OF’s played and it was good to see three new faces and some others who were returning after missing a number of meetings.

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SOF Rifle Club victorious at Bisley
Cocky? Us? You mean the treble-double winners, verging on treble-treble winners, possibly epoch making three-time consecutively unbeatable. Yes that’s us, thanks fans and please form an orderly queue for autographs.

Hell, it's tough to be modest when you're this great. The OFRC is so smoking hot that we now have to split the team into two just to give ourselves a game. Great fun it might be but this is now getting as serious as a snake bite in a skating rink.

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College Rugby Tour to France 2008
In August and September of this year, the College will be taking their Senior Rugby Squad on a pre-season tour to the South of France to play against teams from Narbonne, Carcassonne and Perpignan. There will be an official “Tour Programme” printed, which will feature all information relevant to the tour, such as the itinerary, information on the tour destination and the teams they will be playing against whilst on tour, “Pen Pics” of the members of the tour party, letters from various sports celebrities and messages of good luck, etc. Each programme will also serve as an entry into a raffle which will be drawn prior to the tour departing for France.

Any OF who is interested in advertising in the programme or sponsoring any of the fundraising events then please see the attached documents:
31 May Golf Day programme
28 June Entertainment Evening
28 June Entertainment Evening - Auction Lots
Advertising opportunities
Advertising Form

Grafton Morrish Tournament - Saturday 10 May
Gavin Cowell’s first team played at Knole Park GC in the South East regional qualifying round on Saturday 10th May in very hot weather, a total contrast to last year’s. The team came 12th out of a total of 19 public school old boy teams with a score of 74 points which, unfortunately, was not enough to qualify for the finals as they did last year.

The team consisted of Gavin Cowell & Alex Cameron (29), Charles Plunkett & Matt Stolls (23) and Martin Lamb & Robin Anderton (22).

Grafton Morrish: Teams of three pairs, playing scratch foursomes, with stableford scoring

Captain Augustus Agar VC DSO (1902-03)
One of the 3 distinguished OFs to win the highest award of the Victoria Cross, is the main subject of a new book written by Harry Ferguson and called “Operation Kronstadt”. A review of this book, covering two full pages, appeared in the Daily Mail dated 10 May 2008, along with a picture of Captain Augustus Agar VC DSO (1902-03). You can read a copy of the review and see the picture by clicking here.

To read an excellent article on Augustus Agar, written and researched largely by John Simpson (K32-36) read the article in the distinguished section here.

You can also listen to the great man himself describing in detail the heroic exploits that led to his VC here.

We are truly privileged to have such a distinguished OF.

Overseas Bag – Spring 2008
Chris Essex writes : As the editor of the Overseas Bag, I’m pleased to say that I have just published the latest news and views from Overseas OFs for Spring 2008 in the People section (click here to go to the People section or use the menu at the top of the page. You will need to be signed in to the website to access the Overseas Bag).

There are a fantastic 16 pages of news and pictures from around the world and well worth a read. For example find out who this OF is and what he gets up to! Space considerations mean that both the Newsletter and Yearbook can only contain an edited version of this news, so I strongly encourage you to sign up and read about your former school mates.

I was particularly delighted to hear from many overseas OFs for the first time and I'd love to hear from more of you. There are now around 800 OFs who live overseas from the UK. Please get in touch with me here.

Ernest Edmund Fresson OBE (1901-05)
One of our distinguished OFs celebrates a memorable anniversary in May 2008. Ernest Edmund Fresson OBE (1901-05) was a pioneer aviator and businessman and 8 May 2008 marks 75th anniversary of his starting the first scheduled air service from Inverness with his company Highland Airway, later to become part of British Airways. This anniversary led a year later, to him introducing the very first domestic airmail service in the UK, between Inverness and Kirkwall. The 75th anniversary of this historic event will be on 29 May 2009. Among his other notable achievements is the building of the first tarmac runaway in the UK on Stornaway. For more detail on Fresson, please see the distinguished piece on him by clicking here.

To mark this anniversary the Fresson Trust, in collaboration with Ernest’s son Richard, has republished his father's memoirs “Air Road to the Isles”. OFs have been offered the opportunity of ordering a pre publication copy at the discounted price of £15 plus p&p. Click here for more details and order form. The book includes mention of the College and will be featured in the next Yearbook.

OF Rifle Club Logs Second Q-Match Triumph
Steve McDowell, sniping correspondent, on the 600 yard firing point reports on the OFRC's victory.

Click on "Read More" for the full report.

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