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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


OFs over-run Bisley
The distant rumble of rifle fire which forms the musical accompaniment to the Summer for the residents of mid Surrey must have been mistaken for jungle drums.

Whatever the source of the lure which landed a record number of OFs at Bisley’s Imperial Meeting this year, it was effective.

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OF wishes John Melsom a Happy 90th Birthday
John Melsom Hon OF who retired from Framlingham in 1980 after 32 years as biology master, housemaster, rugby coach, leader of the Young Farmers Club and participant in many other school activities, celebrates his 90th birthday on 4th August. He lives in a residential home in Yorkshire near to his son Richard (G 59-68) and enjoys the best wishes of all Framlinghamians who were privileged to be taught by him.

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Northern Gathering hosted by Douglas & Dorothy Thomson
The second Northern Gathering took place on 9 July at the home of Douglas Thomson (K 53-61) and his wife Dorothy.

OF’s from Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lothian joined the ‘locals’ for a fine session of gastronomic indulgence and general bonhomie.

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Overseas Bag - Summer 2006
Chris Essex, as the new editor of the Overseas Bag, has just published his first round-up of the latest news and views from Overseas OFs for Summer 2006 in the People section (click here to go to the People section or use the menu at the top of the page. You will need to be signed in to the website to access the Overseas Bag).

[Photo: The new OB Editor, Chris Essex, and the former OB Editor, Richard Rowe, playing for the School Rugby 3rd XV in 1974]

All OFs invited to private opening of Art Exhibition
UPDATE - 16th July
John & Glenys Maulden, Richard Bassett G72-76 and Pete Talbot R71-76 were among OFs at the opening of Pete Rodulfo's exhibition. John Maulden says that he has had an original Rodulfo art piece hanging on his wall for some years now. (For Photo - click "Read More" below)

Peter Rodulfo R70-75 has invited all OFs to the private opening of his latest art exhibition - "Retrospective exhibition of paintings from four decades". The exhibtion will be at the Thin Cube at Bylaugh Hall from July 16th to August 27th 2006 - opening times: 9am-5pm.

The private viewing will be on Sunday 16th July at midday. Lunch will be available in the Wintergarden Restaurant. For those travelling some distance there is B&B accommodation at Bylaugh Hall.

Bylaugh Hall, Bylaugh Park, E.Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 4RL; Tel: 01362 688121 Fax: 01362 688167; Email: info@bylaugh.com; Websites: www.bylaugh.com and www.thincube.com

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Two OFs venture into Literature
Nick Marsden G72-76 and Pete Talbot R71-76 have both made contact recently about their seperate ventures into literature. Nick has had a booked published by Penguin in New Zealand; and Pete is looking for a publisher for his work.

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Moreau Scholars and Mentors Meet at Awards Ceremony
This year's Speech-Day Prize Giving had a new feature - the presentation of the Society's Moreau Leaving Scholarships. In his introductory address, Chairman of Governors Andrew Fane made particular mention of these ground-breaking awards and the important part that the Society plays in the life of the College.

More information about the Scholarship programme can be found under the Moreau Scholarships menu item. For more on this story, please click "Read More" below.

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OF/OI Golf: Porter's Team wins to level the series
A dozen OFs, recruited once again by our Captain Norman Porter, took on the might of the Old Ipswichians at Woodbridge Golf Club on Monday 19th June and emerged victorious.

After a less than successful outing last year, Norman had given us very firm instructions about winning convincingly, and this obviously did the trick as we won 5-1 to level the Series 2-2 (for the modern era).

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Two OFs receive Bronze Medals at Melbourne Games
Mike Garnett R54-56 and Bob Munro R56-60 were both awarded Bronze Medals at the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne during March. But sadly not for any sporting achievment, but for work as volunteers, part of the 15,000 strong 'Aqua Army' who helped keep the whole thing running smoothly before, during and indeed after the main athletic events.

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OF Rifle Club Rescues the Season
On Saturday 3rd June we met the Old Lawrentians at Bisley for our All Day match for the Lizard Goblet. Pride meant we had to retain the trophy that we'd won last year to salvage something from our previously unsuccessful season.

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