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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Pair of OF's finish second in race to the North Pole
John Barker (Z 90-95) & Alex Henney (Z 90-95) have just returned from competing in the 2007 Polar Race, a 300 nautical mile race from the town of Resolute in Canada to the magnetic North Pole.

The pair finished second overall, out of the 6 teams, having taken 15 days, 32 minutes & 24 seconds to cover the 337 statute miles. They ended only 6hrs 55 minutes behind the leaders, but several days ahead of the third place team.

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Rifle Club Victory: Wings of ravens bring Q Match home
A legend from the time of Charles II has it that when the ravens leave the Tower of London, the White Tower and then the kingdom, will fall. The OF Rifle Club has exactly same superstition about talismanic club captain Nigel “Beady” Burnip.

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Captain Augustus Agar VC DSO RN (1902-03)
One of our most distinguished Old Framlinghamians is undoubtedly Captain Augustus Agar VC DSO RN (1902-03). Over the last couple of months Commander John Simpson (K32-36) has been doing some detailed research into Agar VC and the fruits of his labours are now up on the Distinguished section of the website.

In undertaking this excellent piece of work, John obtained access from Tony Martin (G47-55) to an actual recording made by Agar himself, describing his heroic exploits in 1919 that earned him his VC and DSO and obtained and studied a copy of Agar’s autobiography.

The results of this work can now been seen here. This brilliant piece of work is a valuable recording for future generations. In addition, you can listen to the actual recording that Agar himself made either via the article itself or by clicking here

My thanks to John for his hard work on this piece, which I believe deserves special mention. The piece also includes, with his permission, some fascinating personal reflections of his own when researching and writing this piece.

Essex Supper, 20th April 2006 - At The Warren Golf Club
Update dated 19 April 2007 The following are attending: BA Smith - President, Mrs. VA Smith, Nick Chaplin - Bursar Framlingham College, EAD Moore, PC Howard-Dobson, AJ Slade, HA Slade, Mrs. B Slade, Mrs. J Slade, D Thomson, Mrs. DA Thomson, CR Essex, Mrs. EA Essex, BL Evans, NG Mayhew, RJ Blythe, DE Mason, LWL Collard, DL Turnbull, DA Carr, JA Waugh, JC Gooderham, G Duce, Mrs. K Duce, D Mallett, MD Smy, CA Bellamy, Dr JG Rankin. If anyone wishes to join us please contact me, John Rankin on 01255 503835 by 6pm on Thursday 19 April.

Original article dated 6 March 2007 After the great success of last year's move from Rivenhall to Woodham Walter, this year's Essex Supper will again be held at The Warren Golf Club, Woodham Walter (7.15 for 8.00pm, lounge suits, guests welcome).

In addition to the supper, OFs might like to know that the golf club welcomes them to play a round of golf earlier in the day (at the special rate of £18.00 - see "Read More").

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OFGS: Forthcoming Events
David Turnbull, Secretary OFGS, writes to alert members and aspiring members of the OF Golfing Society to the following:

Spring Meeting: The Warren GC, Woodham Walter, 22nd May 2007

Grafton Morrish Qualifying Tournament; Knole Park GC, Sevenoaks on 12th May 2007. We are drawn to play with Ardingly College at 10.30 am and supporters are welcome.

Cyril Gray Tournament: Worlplesdon GC on 28th June 2007. We have been drawn against Chigwell School in the 1st Round at 9.20am. Supporters are welcome.

For further details: Please see the Events page.

College Student nominated for Classic Brit award
Update – 12 April 2007 On 2 April 2007 it was announced that "All Angels" had been nominated for "Best Album" with their "All Angels" Album at the Classical Brit Awards. They are nominated alongside such illustrious company as Sting, Sir Paul McCartney, Kathryn Jenkins and Bryn Terfel. The East Anglian Daily Times carried a full article and pictures on 4 April 2007. The awards are on Thursday 3rd May 2007 at the Royal Albert Hall; and televised on ITV 1, Sunday 13th May - 11pm, and repeated on ITV 3, Sunday 20th May - 8pm.

Updated again - 30 Oct 2006 More updates on All Angel media events plus a chance to win some tickets to the England v S Africa rugby international on 18 Nov; competition closes 10 Nov.
News Update - 23 Oct 2006 The All Angels singing group have already appeared in some media events and will also be on TV over the coming weeks. See "Read More" for details.

Original News - 28 Sept 2006 Laura Wright, the current BBC Radio 2 Young Chorister of the Year, has been selected to sing with three other public schoolgirls in the new group, All Angels. Backed by a £1 million marketing deal from Universal Music for an initial five albums, the "Angels" expect to sell hundreds of thousands of the first album due to be released in November 2006.

See My Space OR page 3 of the Daily Telegraph, 25 September 2006, for details.

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Oldest OF dies
Maurice Metcalf (R20-24), the oldest OF, has died aged 99.

His daughter, Ann Garrett, sent the following message to Chris Essex: "My father died today, April 6, 2007 at 2:50 p.m. in his "hundredth year" as he liked to put it. He lived in an apartment right up until this morning when they took him to the hospital and he died a few hours later peacefully - otherwise he had enjoyed fantastic good health. Thank you for all your cares about him. He appreciated it and so did I".

Click here to view his obituary

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OF becomes Chairman of Suffolk Brewery
Jonathan Adnams (S65-73) has featured in the news recently; partly because he took over as Chairman of the family-run Adnams Group in August 2006, and because the Adnams Group won both the EADT 2006 Business of the Year Award and the Environment Award.

Although Jonathan has worked his way up the company, his passion has been with the sea - first as a commercial fisherman and then with the Southwold lifeboat for 27-years. His last 15-years were as Senior Helmsman for which he has been awarded several RNLI accolades.

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Distinguished OFs
If you have not visited the Distinguished OFs section recently, you will find that Chris Essex has been hard at work. There are now over 700 names listed with more than 300 detailed articles; and the list keeps growing. The list covers from the College start in 1865 through to current students. There is a large section on the Services including our 3 VC's; there are Princes, Barons, Knights, Sawbwe's (have a look if you don't know what that is!), Prime Ministers, and MPs; Presidents of the Royal Academy and members of the Royal Society; pioneering aviators, engineers, doctors, dentists and brewers; Olympians and international sportsmen (hockey, cricket, squash, tennis, shooting and sailing). There are the College's own dynastic families stretching over 5 generations. Soon we hope to add film of Percy Pickard's raid on Amiens Prison; and audio from Augustus Agar VC. Take a little while to browse and enjoy the great heritage of being an OF. If you know of anyone that we have missed, please email Chris Essex at the Website Team. - you might even propose yourself (and you wouldn't be the first!).

Halford Hewitt: Success Eludes OF Golfers Once Again
Andrew Wright reports from Royal Cinque Ports, Deal, that Fram lost to Sherborne 1-4 in their first-round match on Thursday 29th March.

Sherborne, it may be remembered, were finalists last year, so it was no disgrace to lose to them, and Andrew tells us that the match score belies the closeness of the contest (see Read More).

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