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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


A new Len Evans in the making?
Norman Porter sent me the following news on another budding Len Evans : I have followed up an article in the EADT about Carters Vineyard, which is part of the Bunting family business. We visited Tom and had a look around the whole enterprise last Friday. To visit his website click here

Chris Essex writes : On Saturday 27 September I visited a local vineyard to meet Paul Langham (R77-82). He set up a new vineyard at Littleton Panell, just south of Devizes, in 2001. Although he’s got a long way to go to be another Len Evans (G42-48), they have planted over 5000 vines on a 30 acre site and have an apple orchard of some 600 trees. They produce a range of award-winning white, red, rosé and sparking wines, as well as their own range of apple juice and cider.

Before leaving I enjoyed some wine tasting, including an excellent 2006 vintage red that will be released in a few weeks. Unfortunately, this year’s cider crop was not yet ready to drink or take away! Click here to see some pictures I took. To visit his website click here

I’d be interested to hear from any other budding Len Evans. E-mail me by clicking here: Email Chris Essex.

Additional names added to the War Memorial in the College Chapel
David Mason writes :In a moving Service of Remembrance held in the College Chapel on Sunday 9th November, the Chaplain, the Reverend Steve Waters, dedicated new additions to the War Memorials and additional plaques to those who had lost their lives in action. It was good to have the Head of Brandeston School and some of its pupils present, as Brandeston is, in itself, a living and vibrant memorial having been purchased by the Society in 1947 in memory those who had given their lives in the two World Wars.

Diligent research by fellow Trustee, Chris Essex, showed that the names of four former pupils who had lost their lives in WW1 and WW2 were not recorded on the memorials.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting Club - Inaugural Event
Bored to death with winning everything there is to win, the shooters of the Old Framlinghamians have formed their own splinter group just to give themselves someone with whom to compete.

This they proved by crushing the impudent college on the .22 range the previous day to scoop the fourth of four possible trophies this year. James Mehta finally finding his championship form with a monster 95 with the smaller gauge weapon. Accordingly, the inaugural meeting of the OFCPSC – that’s clay pigeon shooting, to save you working it out, gathered on Sunday 21st September in the bucolic surroundings of the High Lodge Shooting Ground at Darsham – just up the A12 from Yoxford.

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SOF South East Supper - Saturday 18th October 2008
The second South East Supper of recent origin was held at the Piltdown Golf Club and was attended by 14 OFs and 8 guests. The OFs present attended the College and Branderston for a period ranging over 43 years. Andrew Wright, who hosted the event, and Norman Buck and John Barrett are members of the club; the latter had not attended an OF event since 1952 - The Grosvenor House Ball - six years after leaving school.

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OF selected for GB team
UTTERLY talentless OF shooter Sandy Walker has been miraculously selected for the senior Great Britain squad to travel to New Zealand in 2010.

This mundane announcement, which ranks slightly above appealing a parking ticket in terms of achievement, was received to an almost undetectable ripple of polite applause by the OF Rifle Club’s unimpressed members.

Still only 20, Sandy apparently attracted the myopic, astigmatic and bloodshot eye of the selectors by luckily winning the Prince of Wales’ Prize at Bisley’s Imperial Meeting this year beating more than 1,000 shooters from more than 20 countries.

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OFGS Halve Match v College
Dateline 10th October: Robin Anderton (S 54-59) reports a close-fought battle between a College team and a hand-picked squad representing the OFGS last Friday.

Individual results (OFGS player first in each pairing) were:
Jonny Newton beat Doug Telfer, Martin Lamb lost to Jo Jo Hamer-Philip, Brian Evans lost to Katsuhiro Misaki, Matt Stolls beat Alex Summers, Pat Hitchcock lost to David Morgan, Robin Anderton beat Chris Hobson, Michael Spencer beat James Scholar, Harry Bush beat Chris Rowles, Roger Wharton lost to Patrick Spraggs, and Dudley Holland lost to Ben Gowing.

Robin reports it was a really good day and much enjoyed by all who took part.

Fascinating story about an OF is literally dug up!
Fascinating story about an OF is literally dug up!

Chris Essex writes: It never ceases to surprise and delight me who looks up details of OFs in the Distinguished Section of the website. I’ve just been contacted by the editor of a small newspaper in the middle of Alberta, Canada, who was interested in an OF included on the Chapel WW1 Memorial.

To find out why, click here to read about Herbert Horace Nicholson (1890-92).

Overseas Bag - Autumn 2008
Chris Essex writes : As the editor of the Overseas Bag, I’m pleased to say that I have just published the latest news and views from Overseas OFs for Autumn 2008 in the People section (click here to go to the People section or use the menu at the top of the page. You will need to be signed in to the website to access the Overseas Bag).

There are a fantastic 16 pages of news and pictures from around the world and well worth a read. For example find out which OF has recently met the Pope, which has been celebrating an anniversary of the British landing in Nova Scotia and who these 3 guys pictured are! Space considerations mean that both the Newsletter and Yearbook can only contain an edited version of this news, so I strongly encourage you to sign up and read about your former contemporaries.

I was particularly delighted to hear from many overseas OFs for the first time, including one after a break of 50 years and I'd love to hear from more of you. There are now around 800 OFs who live overseas from the UK. Please get in touch with me here.

Golfing Trustees - This time it's Jim Blythe's turn
About a year ago, Jim Blythe, Norman Porter (Hon Gen Sec), Peter Liell and Peter Howard-Dobson met to do golfing battle at Royal Worlington in celebration of Peter Liell's retirement as a trustee, and his recent marriage. On that occasion, the match was won by the two Peters: Royal Worlington - 1; Rest of the World - Nil.

Earlier this year, Jim Blythe also retired as a trustee and what better way to celebrate his many years of service to the Society, than to have a return match and give "the rest of the world" a chance to get its own back. So it was that the same two teams met at Worlington on the 22nd September 2008.

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OFs living with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike
Update 24 September 2008 : I had a long conversation with Alfred this evening. He was without power for 8 days, but apart from that and some fences down they were fine. After a previous hurricane he had made shutters for every window and he got these up before the storm hit and left them there for about 48 hours. He’s thinking of getting the shutters painted by a local artist to create a bit of a talking point! He said that around 9000 guys from 31 US States and Canada were currently fixing power lines in and around Houston.

Update 20 September 2008 : Andy has established contact with Alfred Molson, who is OK but suffering a lack of electricity and fences. He is meeting up with Alfred very shortly. Andy has also written a detailed account of the past week or so, which is fascinating reading - click on Read More to read his account and see some pictures he has taken.

Chris Essex (K69-75) writes : As part of my role as editor of the Overseas Bag I try and keep in touch with OFs living around the world. When Hurricane Ike hit near Houston last week I contacted Andy Roberts (G73-79) and Alfred Molson (K38-43) to check they were OK. Unfortunately Alfred still appears to be suffering from a loss of power, but Andy has been in touch with an account that really brings home the devastation.

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