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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


OF Magazine Archive
James Ruddock-Broyd (G 1946-1952) and others have collected a set of 48 out of 50 issues from over the 26 years in a box in the College archive room. However, we need to complete the set with a good copy of the editions for Autumn 1981 and Autumn 1984. Also we would like much better copies of: Autumn 1978, Spring 1981, Spring 1982, Autumn 1982, Spring 1983.

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OF Golfers Lose to Aldeburgh but Win Against the College
A strong OF team battled hard against Aldeburgh Golf Club on 15th September, but narrowly lost 4 1/2 to 5 1/2. On the following day, another OF team took on the College and fared better, winning 3 1/2 to 2 1/2.

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Distinguished OF Section
Chris Essex writes: After just over 12 months of thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding research, I have completed the documentation of Distinguished OFs. If you have not visited the Distinguished OFs section recently, please have a look. The last section that I have just completed is one that covers those OFs and Honorary OFs who are distinguished for their service to the Society and/or the College/Brandeston and who do not already feature in one of the other sections.

There are over 800 names listed with more than 400 detailed articles. The list covers from the College start in 1865 through to current students. There is a large section on the Services including our 3 VC's; there are Princes, Barons, Knights, Sawbwe's (have a look if you don't know what that is!), Prime Ministers, and MPs; Presidents of the Royal Academy and members of the Royal Society; pioneering aviators, engineers, doctors, dentists and brewers; Olympians and international sportsmen (hockey, cricket, squash, tennis, shooting and sailing). There are the College's own dynastic families stretching over 5 generations. You can also hear Augustus Agar VC describing his heroic deeds that led to his VC and shortly we will be adding some actual footage of Percy Pickard's raid on Amiens Prison.

Take a little while to browse and enjoy the great heritage of being an OF. If you know of anyone that we have missed, please email Chris Essex at the Website Team. - you might even propose yourself (and you wouldn't be the first!).

Finally my thanks to everyone who has helped me with this piece of work.

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OFGS Autumn Meeting Report
The OFGS Autumn Meeting was held in glorious weather, once again, at Aldeburgh GC on Friday 14th September. It was attended by 27 members of whom 26 played. Unfortunately Colin Stokes, our captain, was suffering from a back injury and was unable to play. However, he was there to support us all day and to present the prizes in the evening.

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Photographs - 1949 to 1951
Paul Banham (G 1949-1951) has donated to the OFs his collection of photographs from his time at the College - see the attached PDF file. If any of Paul's contemporaries are able supply any further information as to whom is featured then please email the website team.

OFs Best Ever Bisley?
Waiting for Bisley’s Imperial Meeting in July is like being a six year-old waiting for Christmas. It just never seems to come. And then when it does, it’s over so quickly, and you are left crossing off the days until the next one.

A record numbers of OF shooters arrived for the Meeting, this year even a little earlier than usual. Last year the College failed to put out an Eight for the Ashburton, and a strong OF presence behind the firing point was this year delighted to find an enthusiastic bunch of young people.

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Herts OF cricket
Tom Wornham reports: Miserable weather scuppered the traditional village green cricket match, so fondly held in the North Hertfordshire countryside for the annual Burt Wornham duel. A last minute rush of phone calls resulted in the ninth successive battle to take place undercover, courtesy of a local farmer and his barn. Rapid improvisation resulted in two bales of straw adopting and unfamiliar roll as wickets, a tennis ball and some dubious rules set the scene for a tremendous show down.

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Lydd Airshow - 1st & 2nd September 2007
James Giller (M80-86) has recently returned to the UK following 5 ½ years in the Caribbean running the British Virgin Islands Government Aviation Unit which also involved him in drug and immigrant interdiction, VIP transportation and search and rescue operations. James is now running an aircraft maintenance operation, Phoenix Aero Engineering, from London Ashford Airport (LAA), Lydd, Kent. They cover all aspects of aircraft maintenance on light piston singles and twins, expanding to turbo prop and jet in the near future. They obtained EASA 145 approval in January 2007.

Following the success of the first Lydd Air Show last year, we are now finalising plans for the second bigger and better air show taking place on the 1st and 2nd September 2007. Not to be missed for the spotters amongst you ! It would be a pleasure to see any OF’s fly into Lydd - come and say hello. You may contact James via the Lydd Airport Website.

"Green Book" Goes Electronic
The last Framlingham College Register (commonly known as 'the Green Book' because of its deep green cover) was published in 1968 - the last of a succession of such books providing a snap-shot of the College and Post-College careers of its alumni.

The cost of creating a modern printed equivalent is too high to contemplate, let alone the human resource required to research and compile it. However, all is not lost. The online database within the SOF Website has the capability to produce an electronic version, which auto-compiles using information extracted from the database each time a particular year is requested. All we need is for members to complete their own entries in full - and to update them from time to time - and for the odd volunteer to step forward to help transcribe historic entries from the old Green Books!

The Electronic Green Book can be found within the Directory menu (via the navigation bar above), and guidance on its use will be found on clicking the Electronic Green Book menu item.

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SOF Website adds Career Networking Feature to Website
After many requests from younger OFs, the website team is proud to announce that, in collaboration with Linkedin.com, it has developed a private SOF business & career networking capability for use only by registered users of the SOF Website.

The system has been trialled by a small group of some 35 OFs and has proved easy to use. It allows members to search for OFs in a wide range of industry sectors - though its ultimate usefulness will be entirely dependent on the number of OFs who register on it.

Please click on the main menu item, Career Networking, to find out more - and please then follow the link provided to accept an invitation to join the SOF Linkedin Group.