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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Inaugural OF Football Match Report
Teddy Harrington (S 2005-10) reports: The first OF football match took place on a specially prepared pitch on Dicksons on Saturday 16th July. The quality of the playing surface was such that even torrential rain failed to affect the performance and enthusiasm of the 16 players who opted to demonstrate their silky, occasionally slithery skills on the pitch, rather than skulking indoors safe from the rain, or braving the mud of the Latitude Festival. Unfortunately, due to a few people having to pull-out at last minute for one reason or another, the match had to become an 8-a-side game with Bernard Dyer (Stradbroke Housemaster) very kindly offering to play to even up the numbers, dropping his initial role as Referee’s Assistant (Linesman) to play for ‘Suffolk’, and showing quality bits of skill when required.

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Overseas Bag - Spring 2011
Chris Essex (K69-75) writes : Just before I depart for OF meetings in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Auckland and Sydney I have belatedly published the Spring 2011 Overseas Bag in the People sectionYou will need to be signed in to the website to access the Overseas Bag. You will also be able to find out who these two OFs are and where they met.

As always it’s been great to get so much correspondence – 19 pages here. Space considerations mean that both the Newsletter and Yearbook can only contain a very edited version of this news, so I strongly encourage you to sign up and read about your former contemporaries.

As well as hearing from my regular corresponders, I’m always particularly delighted to hear from any overseas OFs for the first time. So why not get in touch with me and tell your contemporaries what you’ve been up to.  Email Chris Essex

Melbourne OF Sundial + new SOF Benches
FURTHER UPDATE : The area where the sundial has been repositioned to and restored has recently been enhanced with the addition of 2 benches donated by the SOF. The benches are made of 100% recycled plastic and were built by adults with disabilities in Ipswich. Click here to see a picture of the area next to the old headmaster's house.

UPDATE: Further to the earlier article, I’m delighted to report that the sundial has now been fully restored and the whole area has been laid with lawn and paving slabs, making it very attractive to students and visitors alike.

Original Article: We thought OFs, particularly those in Australia, would be interested to know that the College are in the process of tidying up the garden and cutting back some of the hedging so that students can have a much better view of the sundial. They are also planning to refurbish the actual sundial by the end of half-term February 2011. The sundial was presented by the Melbourne Branch OFs to the College in March 1983.

West of England Supper Report - 9th July 2011
The West of England Supper was again held at the Angel Inn in Hindon on Saturday 9 July 2011. We had a record 16 OFs and partners present, including our new President and his wife and son Philip.

Click here to see a full report and photos on the recent West of England Supper.

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London Supper Report - 5th July 2011
Keith Handley, organiser of the London Suppers, reports:
33 Old Framlinghamians attended the London Supper, which was held at The Farmers Club, Whitehall Court on Tuesday, 5th July, 2011. We welcomed Bill Phillips and Neil Davis, who were attending the Supper for the first time for many years, and several younger OFs. I hope that this will encourage more to attend our future Suppers.

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OF Cricketers Lose To College (but win the bye)
James Pearson’s Old Framlinghamian XI returned to The Back, in almost perfect cricketing conditions, to take on a College 1st XI hoping to build on a successful season. Our gallant lads’ thoughts of rekindling former glory days soon melted away, however, as they slumped to 60-5 in the twelfth over. When Tom Claydon’s defiant innings was eventually brought to an end by younger brother Charlie for 39, hopes of a sizable total had all but vanished, and even old-campaigner Stannard couldn’t prevent a premature close to the innings with a total of 112.

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All Saints' Church, Brandeston Restoration Appeal
All Saints' Church, Brandeston have to carry out restoration work in the next six months which will cost £45,000. This is twice the funds that have been raised in the past five years. If any OF, who has strong links with Brandeston, would like further information with a view to making a contribution to the Appeal, please contact Paul Baker on paulbaker25@hotmail.com

OF Newmarket Supper Report - 20th May 2011
Peter Golding reports:
The Newmarket Supper was held at the Rutland Arms Hotel, Newmarket on Friday 20th May. Clive Norton spoke on behalf of The College from the prospective of a master. Simon Dougherty was in the chair and updated us on matters relating to OFs.

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The Lion, The Lizard and The Wardrobe
Rifle Club
A new star has been discovered in the ever-brightening  constellation called Oheffarrcee.  Its name is Kim. This brilliant constellation can be need in the evening sky above Bisley and its stellar components are beaming with glory.
And a lot of smugness.
For this year is a special year in the annals of the OFRC. Like a Khanate of the Golden Horde we have put all opposition, new and old, to the sword.
Gibbering and blubbing for mercy, even the mighty Bedfordians were reduced to the merely ordinary as the triumphant Frams picked up the Lion trophy in its inaugural year.

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OF Golfing Irregulars Hold-off Strong Ipswichian Challenge
The ninth annual golfing battle between Norman Porter's OF team and Karl Daniels' OI team took place at Woodbridge Golf Club yesterday.  The OFs went into this feeling pretty confident - after all, they were 6-2 up in the series.  However, Karl's men had obviously been drilled and coached extensively, and the six sets of Four-Ball-Better-Ball were all closely fought right to the final green.  There was nervousness about the result, on both sides, as we sat down to dinner - the two captains playing their cards close to their chests - and palpable relief when Karl announced that the result was a draw.

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