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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


OFGS Halve Match v College
Dateline 10th October: Robin Anderton (S 54-59) reports a close-fought battle between a College team and a hand-picked squad representing the OFGS last Friday.

Individual results (OFGS player first in each pairing) were:
Jonny Newton beat Doug Telfer, Martin Lamb lost to Jo Jo Hamer-Philip, Brian Evans lost to Katsuhiro Misaki, Matt Stolls beat Alex Summers, Pat Hitchcock lost to David Morgan, Robin Anderton beat Chris Hobson, Michael Spencer beat James Scholar, Harry Bush beat Chris Rowles, Roger Wharton lost to Patrick Spraggs, and Dudley Holland lost to Ben Gowing.

Robin reports it was a really good day and much enjoyed by all who took part.

Fascinating story about an OF is literally dug up!
Fascinating story about an OF is literally dug up!

Chris Essex writes: It never ceases to surprise and delight me who looks up details of OFs in the Distinguished Section of the website. I’ve just been contacted by the editor of a small newspaper in the middle of Alberta, Canada, who was interested in an OF included on the Chapel WW1 Memorial.

To find out why, click here to read about Herbert Horace Nicholson (1890-92).

Overseas Bag - Autumn 2008
Chris Essex writes : As the editor of the Overseas Bag, I’m pleased to say that I have just published the latest news and views from Overseas OFs for Autumn 2008 in the People section (click here to go to the People section or use the menu at the top of the page. You will need to be signed in to the website to access the Overseas Bag).

There are a fantastic 16 pages of news and pictures from around the world and well worth a read. For example find out which OF has recently met the Pope, which has been celebrating an anniversary of the British landing in Nova Scotia and who these 3 guys pictured are! Space considerations mean that both the Newsletter and Yearbook can only contain an edited version of this news, so I strongly encourage you to sign up and read about your former contemporaries.

I was particularly delighted to hear from many overseas OFs for the first time, including one after a break of 50 years and I'd love to hear from more of you. There are now around 800 OFs who live overseas from the UK. Please get in touch with me here.

Golfing Trustees - This time it's Jim Blythe's turn
About a year ago, Jim Blythe, Norman Porter (Hon Gen Sec), Peter Liell and Peter Howard-Dobson met to do golfing battle at Royal Worlington in celebration of Peter Liell's retirement as a trustee, and his recent marriage. On that occasion, the match was won by the two Peters: Royal Worlington - 1; Rest of the World - Nil.

Earlier this year, Jim Blythe also retired as a trustee and what better way to celebrate his many years of service to the Society, than to have a return match and give "the rest of the world" a chance to get its own back. So it was that the same two teams met at Worlington on the 22nd September 2008.

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OFs living with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike
Update 24 September 2008 : I had a long conversation with Alfred this evening. He was without power for 8 days, but apart from that and some fences down they were fine. After a previous hurricane he had made shutters for every window and he got these up before the storm hit and left them there for about 48 hours. He’s thinking of getting the shutters painted by a local artist to create a bit of a talking point! He said that around 9000 guys from 31 US States and Canada were currently fixing power lines in and around Houston.

Update 20 September 2008 : Andy has established contact with Alfred Molson, who is OK but suffering a lack of electricity and fences. He is meeting up with Alfred very shortly. Andy has also written a detailed account of the past week or so, which is fascinating reading - click on Read More to read his account and see some pictures he has taken.

Chris Essex (K69-75) writes : As part of my role as editor of the Overseas Bag I try and keep in touch with OFs living around the world. When Hurricane Ike hit near Houston last week I contacted Andy Roberts (G73-79) and Alfred Molson (K38-43) to check they were OK. Unfortunately Alfred still appears to be suffering from a loss of power, but Andy has been in touch with an account that really brings home the devastation.

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OFGS Autumn 2008 Meeting Report
The OFGS Autumn Meeting was held at Aldeburgh GC on Friday 12th September. It was attended by 22 OF’s who battled bravely through the wettest morning’s golf many could remember at an OFGS meeting. After a hot shower and a well earned drink and lunch, and with the rain finally relenting, most of the bedraggled survivors played 9 holes foursomes in the afternoon before retiring to the bar for another well earned drink and prize giving. Special mention should be made of Roger Wharton, a new member this year to both the OFGS and Aldeburgh GC, who had the best score of day with 40 points, best scratch score and best combined total for the Spring and Autumn Meetings.

Click on Read More for further details.

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Yet Another Bumper Bisley

1. WHAT is the collective noun for a group of OF shooters?
a) A ‘Fram’ b) An ‘Albert’ c) A ‘Pleb’ d) A ‘Matron’ e) A ‘Dingly’?

The answer, of course, is e) A “Dingly”.

The reason for this is that, not counting the odd decent-sized dining room, the largest collection of Old Framlinghamians seen anywhere was observed at the annual OF Rifle Club barbecue in Campsite 7 at Bisley – otherwise known as The Dingly Dell.

Click on Read More to find out why:

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OF Gifts - Update
Update 3 August 2008 : As a result of this news item going out, I’m indebted to Commander John Simpson (K32-36) for sending me a list he put together a little while ago of all the College Prizes, the majority of which were donated by OFs, the SOF or parents of OFs. You can see the list by clicking here. Any additions gratefully received, in particular it would be good to compile a list in respect of Brandeston. You can e-mail me by clicking here: Email Chris Essex.

Original article : Quite a number of years ago a list of gifts from individual OFs and from the Society to the College and Brandeston, was published in the OF Magazine. Using that list and trawled through 1st and 2nd 60 year histories and Trustee and Masonic notes, we have put together what I hope is the definitive list of gifts made. I have included it in the Distinguished section of the website and you can view the list by clicking here.

You will see that the list presents a very impressive picture of the support that has been given over the years and continues to be. The Trustees have under their control a gross fund, The Framlingham College Improvements Trust, which is available if any member wishes to consider the College or Brandeston Hall as a recipient of any charitable donation or bequest.

OF Star Wins "BIG FOUR" Prize at Bisley
James Mehta (OFRC Secretary) reports that Sandy Walker has won the much-coveted Prince of Wales Prize at Bisley.

Shooting Scribe, Steve McDowell, writes: "Rifle-wielding wunderkind Sandy Walker lifted one of the most coveted prizes in world shooting at Bisley’s Imperial Meeting last week, causing wild celebrations among the biggest-ever OF contingent.

At the tender age of just 20, 6ft 4in Sandy – who is nicknamed the ‘Gangling Metronome’ by his OF clubmates – has proved himself to be one of the UK’s best full-bore rifle shooters by winning the HRH Prince of Wales prize after a four-man tie shoot.

The "Prince of Wales" is one of the big four prizes at Bisley, which also numbers the Queen’s Prize and the St George’s.

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Bill Goldfinch and The Colditz Cock - Update
Update – July 2008 : Bruce Micklewright (S48-51) has been back in touch to say that a ceremony was held on 19 July 2008, which would have been Bill's 92nd birthday. They 'rolled out' the amphibian 'Son of Colditz'. Approximately 100 people attended the ceremony and the event was filmed by Meridian TV. They have kindly put together a separate piece on this for our website - click here (After the web page comes up there is a 30 second advert before the article starts - sorry!).

Original article : In October 2007 we reported the death of Leslie James Edward "Bill" Goldfinch (26-32), who was a prisoner in Colditz Castle late in the War. We have recently acquired some fascinating video footage of Bill telling the story of The Colditz Cock, the glider he and fellow prisoners built to his design. To view the video, make sure you're logged into the website, and click on the Publications menu item, where you'll find the viewing link. If you're not yet a registered member and are a member of the Society, then please follow the instructions for New User in the login box - it only takes a few moments to register.

If you'd like to read more about Bill in the Distinguished OFs section, then click here to see a full description of Bill's life.