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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


A Tribute to Peter Arbon (Hon OF)
Peter Arbon Memorial Plaque - cropped
As many of you will know, Peter Arbon (Hon OF) died on 12 April 2015. He gave his working life to looking after the grounds of Brandeston Hall and therefore many OFs will remember him well. There has recently been a service to mark his long association at Brandeston Hall and Bob Williams has been good enough to put together this tribute .

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Creative Framlinghamians Exhibition

Commemorative SOF Arts Exhibition - June 2015 - small
UPDATE : Click here to see some photos taken of the exhibition by Bob Williams.

Original Article :As part of the 150th Anniversary celebrations, there will be an SOF Arts Exhitbition at the College starting with a preview on Friday 26 June 2015 running through to Wednesday 1 July 2015. If you are an OF who works in the creative industries and would like to participate in the exhibition, but have not yet been contacted, please contact Jane Easey Old Framlinghamian Coordinator by emailing jeasey@framcollege.co.uk or ringing (+44)(0) 1728 727227 Direct Line Framlingham Office) by 14 March 2015.

Click here for further details.

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150th Anniversary Hamburg Event
Hamburg - Chris Kim Jens
The final SOF Overseas event to celebrate 150th anniversary was held in Hamburg over 10th and 11th July 2015. The events were enthusiastically organised by Kim Dickel (M97-98) and Jens Kippenberger (G91-92) and included a dinner organised at Jen’s sailing club, an Alster boat trip, a meal and a few beers at the oldest brewery and finally a pub tour for those still up to it!.

This overseas event was notable for the number of OFs attending (37), their youth (apart from 2 which were the SOF President and Hon Sec all were aged 16-40) and the presence of the current Head, Paul Taylor and his wife Amanda.

Click here to read a more detailed report, see some of many photos available on Dropbox to view and see a list of all attendees. You can also look at Dropbox directly via this LINK .

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150th Anniversary Uganda Meeting
Uganda Meeting - Chris Bagnall, Susan Wessels, Chris Hobson, Martin Myers-Allen
A couple of days after Speech Day 2015, staff and pupils at the College departed for Uganda in the latest of a series of “Journeys of Self Discovery”. Led by Martin Myers- Allen, he was also accompanied from the College by Susan Wessels and Chris Hobson. Prior to leaving Martin contacted OFs in Uganda and at the same time OFs were meeting for the London Supper on Tuesday 7 July 2015, Martin, Susan and Chris were meeting up with Chris Bagnall (R89-99). They met at the wonderfully Red Chilli Lodge in Kampala and you can see the picture here .

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150th Anniversary Toronto Event
Group photo
Continuing the 150th anniversary events, the first Canadian SOF Supper in 150 years was held on a warm, dry July 3rd evening at the Queen & Beaver Public House in Toronto, Canada. It was attended by Julian Bayley (S50-53), Patrick Vincent (R47-51), Brian Mayhew (R46-52) and organizer David McMillan (K54-58).

Click here to read David’s full report and see some photos taken at the event.

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OF Shooters coach the College
SOF Shooting - helmets - cropped
James Mehta and other OFs, coached the College earlier in the year, you can read James’s report by clicking here.

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London Supper - Tuesday 7th July 2015

The second of this year's London Suppers will take place on Tuesday, 7th July, at The Farmers Club, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL at 6.30pm for 7.30pm.

The price of a ticket is £37, payable in advance. For further details, please email londonsupper@oldframlinghamian.com

The closing date for applications is 24th June, so act fast!

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OFGS Spring Meeting 2015
Golf Society The OFGS Spring Meeting took place at Frinton Golf Club on Thursday, 7 May. This was our first visit to Frinton and attracted a good field of 25 players who were well looked after by the Professional and other staff.

There were three new faces in Ian and Matthew Low, members of the home club, and John Ellerby. Guy Lennox, who had not played in recent years, made a welcome return to OFGS golf. As can be seen from the results below the new boys did rather well!

read more

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OF Shooter represents NRA UK
Kimberley Pope
Kimberley Pope (Moreau 2004-9), a member of the OF Rifle Club, has been selected for the NRA UK team to tour the Channel Islands at the end of May. You can read about Kimberely on page 18 of the special brochure . As well as the College advertisement on page 17, the Society has provided a grant of £250 to Kimberley.

We wish her well and look forward to hearing how she gets on.

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Suffolk finds a new yound champion
Lottie Wyman - Suffolk Champ - picture
Congratulations to OF Lottie Whyman (V09-14) for becoming the new Suffolk Ladies' Golf Champion. Click here to see report .

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