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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Rob Newton OF makes first class Century

Rob Newton (R2003-2008)
Our intrepid OF Sports Co-Ordinator (Clive Smith) spotted news that Rob Newton (R2003-2008) has made his maiden first class century of the 2016 cricket season.  Rob made 108 in the Northamptionshire match again Gloucestershire in May 2016.  Congratulations to Rob.

You can read a distinguished piece on Rob here. 

2nd OF event in Germany

Dusseldorf - group photo 2016 (170x75)
 Kim Dickel (M97-98) once again organised a hugely successful event in Germany that went into the early hours of the morning.  Please read her full report here including some photos.

There are already plans for an event in Munich in 2017 so watch this space!

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Golf Reports - Spring Meeting & Grafton Morrish Qualifying 2016

Golf Society Logo
David Turnbull, OFGS Hon. Sec. reports that the Spring Meeting was for the second time at Frinton and attracted a good field of 22 players.  You can read his full report here.

David also goes on to report that sadly we failed to qualify for the Grafton Morrish and you can read his report here.

Amazing London Marathon Challenge by OF

UPDATED STORY :  There’s an update on the charity page about how John Barton (Z74-81) got on, with a link to a little film Parkinson’s UK made about his marathon achievement with his daughter (over 42,000 views so far!).  John says "Overall an extraordinary experience—so many people were just incredibly generous and supportive. Terrific donations, unbelievable messages of support. Someone called Kate Lawton, who I have never met, ran the marathon in a dinosaur outfit and astonishingly gave me her official London Marathon medal since my finishing time was just outside the cutoff for medals (I missed it by a mere 23 hours). I feel so grateful and humbled for such generosity of spirit and will never be quite the same again. I’ve met lots of people over the years who face or have faced huge hardships—disease, disability, all kinds of hard knocks, being made to run unfeasibly long distances (26 miles—how cruel!). Those hardships can bring out the very best in people—the grit in the oyster that makes for a beautiful pearl.

OK so I didn’t quite keep up with Eliud Kipchoge—I was somewhere on the A206 in Woolwich when he crossed the line. But I felt like the champion. He who is last shall be first. All those years of coming in at the tail of the field in the dreaded Steeps proved good preparation."

The charity page stays open until till July.  So far John has raised nearly £15,000.


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OF Rifle Club - Pre-Season 2016 - Bisley

Shooting target
The annual pilgrimage to Bisley for the teams Pre-Season Practice hosted by the Old Framlinghamians Rifle Club this year was held over the weekend of 07/08 May 2016.

After 'zeroing' the rifles the team moved to Century Range to start its practice with the Cadet Target Rifle. The Wind Coaches, Bertie Southworth and Brandon Langridge soon settled in to the formalities and along with the Plotters, Will Brett and Tom Monaghan, had the scores hitting the high twenties.

In the evening we were invited to the North London Club House for a sit down dinner at the expense of the OF Rifle Club which always goes down very well with the Cadets.

The next day we were at the more challenging range of 600 yards,  with the wind coaches working harder as the wind was variable. 

The creme de la creme is when the OF’s bring out the rifles of interest which the Cadets are able to fire. The weekend was a great success and this goes down to the time and effort put in by the OF’s to which we are truly grateful. Best Shot: Bertie Southworth and Best New Comer: Joe Carter

Pictured here is Yr 9 Hugo Lewis with OF Nigel Burnip.

Newmarket Supper 2016

Rutland Arms Hotel
The Society of Old Framlinghamians Newmarket Supper was held at the Rutland Arms Hotel, Newmarket on Friday, 13th May 2016 when 23 members and guests dined in the cosy atmosphere of the Carriages Bar.

The President, Mr. Chris Essex, commenced proceedings on a sombre note with the announcement of the death that morning of Mr. David Mason (S55-59), a past President of the Society and long serving trustee.  The diners observed a minute’s silence in tribute to David.  The President also passed on an apology from Peter Golding (R45-49), a co-organiser of the Supper, who had been taken ill with a chest infection.  The President wished Peter a speedy recovery, which was endorsed by all attending.

After proposing a toast to the Queen, the President gave a report on recent developments within the Society.  He was pleased to report that OFs had as part of the 150th celebrations organised reunions in many parts of the world, some of which he had been able to attend.  He hoped the momentum could be maintained.  He also announced that the ‘due diligence’ checks into the Fowler bequest were in their final stages and had not revealed anything untoward.  It was therefore hoped to formally instigate the donation to the College at the July meeting.  A toast to the College was then proposed.

Mr. Martin Myers-Allen, Senior Master, responded on behalf of the College.  During his resume of College affairs, he displayed a remarkable grasp of racing terminology and racing humour.  On a more serious, note he highlighted the College’s struggle to keep the fees affordable for parents and the part bursaries would play in the future.

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School Report

Brandeston Hall photo
UPDATE from James Butchart (R51-60) In my first report from Brandeston after the autumn term of 1951, David Kittermaster commented in part “I’m afraid he has not much brain” and John Ferris said “he has made some effort with rather moderate equipment”.  Some 65 years later, I have no reason to argue with their assessments.

UPDATE from Mike Craddock (S 1949 –53) We were studying the period of English Literature where the letter “s” was written as “f” (except at the end of words).  Mr Winstanley gave us an essay to write.  I forget the actual subject, but I took great trouble to write the whole thing in this form.  In due course I handed it in, and it was returned, marked and with comment on the contents, but none on the style.  I thought “miserable old devil...”, but in my next end of term report, Winstanley, (known to us as “Fouf”), wrote “knowledge of fubject good, prefentation naufeating”!  My father, of course, wanted to know what this was all about.  (I should add that my handwriting was,and is, pretty dreadful).  Somebody once told me that there is a prize at the College for “Humour” in Mr Winstanley’s name (is this true? – if so the above may go some way to explaining).

Further memories of Mr Winstanley – he would walk about the classroom, reading aloud from a book, held in one hand and tossing a half-crown with the other.  We tried moving items of furniture, but he never fell over anything or dropped the coin.  I remember him with affection – as I do many other staff at the time, especially CE Thomas, our Housemaster (“I was born the day Lavoisier died”).

UPDATE from Norman Mayhew (R48-56) I have just seen the letter from Neil Joy referring to a report attributed to Alan Manthorpe about an unknown pupil, KNOWS NOTHING, DOES LESS. About 1949 I received a music report from Alan Hall, KNOWS NOTHING, CARES LESS.
This was entirely accurate and completely failed to impress my father, who was paying for the lessons, but has impressed my grandchildren for many years!

UPDATE from Neil Joy (R47-51) who writes "Having just read the website news digest I thought the following two school reports deserve some record for posterity.  The first was apparently written by "Bert" Manthorpe, the college art master in the late forties, about a pupil (unknown, as far as I heard) who had obviously not shone in class. It read: "Knows nothing, does less."  The second was written about me by my erstwhile maths teacher, Major P.L.P.Podd, who I remember as having a great wit, sense of humour and a fine line in sarcasm when merited, frequently having the entire class engulfed in laughter at one of his remarks. In this case he wrote of me: "Has worked quite well without undue risk of strain". I must confess that there have been many times since school days when that has applied to my life in general! 

ORIGINAL STORY : The 2015 Framlinghamian is out being delivered around the world and should have landed on doormats in the UK already.  Included in the SOF section on page 115 is an anonymous Brandeston Hall report from the 1950s with what can only be described as forthright comments from masters of the time.  This has prompted Fred Limer (S56-65) to send in his treasured 1958 report. If you click on the link you will see that this contains such encouraging comments as "His ideas are as ill-formed as his handwriting" or "Too slow to achieve any results to speak of.  When he wakes up some progress may be expected". To download the whole SOF section .

Fred tells us that he worked extremely hard to achieve this result and as a result has had the report hanging in his downstairs loo for the last 25 years!  Fred goes on to say that the observation about his French led him to a question at the beginning of the following term along the lines of “What is the point of writing faster than I think; won’t it come out as rubbish?”.  He went on to achieve a bunch of O levels and 2 A levels.

If anyone would like to share similarly motivating school reports from either Brandeston or the College, please email admin@oldframlinghamian.com Our thanks to Fred for agreeing to share this.

Gordon Flowerdew VC Death Penny

160510 Flowerdew 002 (170x94)

In June 2015, the College, SOF and the Flowerdew Family signed an agreement for the SOF to gift the original Flowerdew Death Penny to the Flowerdew family in return for the family gifting to the SOF a replica which the College will hold, keep safe and display in the College Chapel. The agreement also memorialises the ownership and the safe-keeping of the Flowerdew VC as well as that of the Death Penny.

In accordance with this agreement, the gifting of the original Death Penny in return for the replica took place at a short ceremony in the College Chapel on Tuesday 10 May 2016.  The College was represented by Headmaster Paul Taylor and Finance Director Nick Chaplin, the Family by Neil Flowerdew, and the SOF by Richard Sayer, Immediate Past President of the SOF.

Photographs of the ceremony can be seen here.

21st Century Leavers Ball

The first event organised by the Young OF Committee was a resounding success. The evening began with a sparkling wine reception in Paul's Court while guests gathered and caught up with past and present members of staff. Max Taylor was on hand to take photographs of groups as they arrived and then everyone was ushered outside for the 'Leavers' picture in front of Albert. Luckily the weather remained dry just long enough. A three course dinner was served in the dining room, Cromer crab salad followed by lamb rump and for dessert, white chocolate cheesecake. The atmosphere was buzzing, a dinner party for 120 guests. After the meal everyone returned to Paul's Court where the band, The Doldrums, and DJ, Jonnie Polyester, kept them all dancing until the early hours. Once again thank you to all the OFs who supported this event.

They are looking forward to the next one!  Photos taken on the night by Max Taylor can be seen here.

Golf - Halford Hewitt

Jonny Newton (K85-92) reports that we lost 3-2 to Bradfield in the Halford Hewitt golf.  Jon Wybar and Lottie Whyman and Rob Atton and Peter Watts won their respective matches and Gavin Cowell and Jonny Newton were the last team playing lost a tight match 3&2. Matt Stolls and Charlie Plunkett lost to the top pair and Richard Graves and Alex Henney lost to a strong pair.

Here is a photo of Alex Henney's family watching debutant Alex play. Alex's wife is 39 weeks pregnant and still came to watch!!!  Here is a photo of Lottie Whyman when she teed off on 13th hole.  Finally here is a photo of Newton and Cowell enjoying the halfway house at Royal St Georges.