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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Cyril Gray 26th – 28th June 2014
Golf Society Logo
David Turnbull, OFGS Hon. Sec. writes: “The Cyril Gray is a knockout tournament involving 3 pairs playing foursomes off scratch. All players must be over 50 years of age and the competition is held at Worplesdon Golf Club in Surrey. We had two new players in Richard Graves and Hugh Curle and the team was completed by Robin Anderton, Martin Lamb, Michael Spencer and Barry Hitchcock.

Unfortunately we were not as successful as last year and lost 2 1/2-1/2 to our East Anglian rivals, Gresham’s. Later in the day in the Plate we played a very strong Wrekin team, winners in 2011and 2013, and lost all 3 matches. The winners were Fettes who beat Whitgift 2/1 and the Plate winners were Ampleforth who beat Rossall 2/1.

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Australian/NZ 150th Anniversary Dinner
australia and new zealand flag
UPDATE : As you will all hopefully be aware there are big plans afoot in Australia & NZ to jointly celebrate 150th anniversary of first pupils arriving at the College and 100th anniversary of ANZACs being involved in Gallipoli in 1915. This event will take place on 19 April 2015 and further details can be found by clicking Read More or by contacting Chris Shaw or Mike Garnett.

Nearly 60 are already committed to going, including some from the UK, Thailand and the Middle East. It therefore only seemed right to invite a currently serving Royal to come along. A letter was therefore dispatched by Chris to Prince Harry at Kensington Palace. Unfortunately he doesn’t at present have plans to be in Australia at that time, but Chris has received this reply from his Private Secretary.

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Any OFs interested in becoming a wizard?
This might seem an unusual request but it's genuine from a fellow OF. The official, yes we mean official, Wizard of New Zealand (Ian Channell QSM (42-45) is looking to recruit new wizards and is preparing a handbook for potential applicants. To quote “we see the future of the movement depends on recruiting the bearded non-conformists of mature years (over 60s ideally) who want to annoy the apparatchiks whose obsession with controlling everybody and everything for childish reasons are bringing civilisation to a grinding halt. Not much else is required except to grow a beard, grab a staff, put on the distinctive pointy hat and gown and go on weekly outings in unexpected places. I am casting a special Old Framlinghamian spell for a good turnout.”

You can read all about Ian here

We very much hope that Ian will be joining us at the 150th event in the Hunter Valley in April 2015, of course in his official uniform.

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Caspar Zafer in Winning Team: Great Pacific Race of 2014
Caspar Zafer (S 89-92) is an actor and commercial producer living "between LA and New York"! He'd rowed at university and had long thought about some sort of endurance event - and so, when he spotted an article about a rowing race across the Pacific, he decided to investigate further.

The rest is history. Put together in a scratch crew of four, he and his team "Uniting Nations" won the first 2,400 mile Great Pacific Race, crossing the Pacific in a world record time of 43 days, 5 hours and 30 minutes.

You can watch a TV report of their arrival in Hawii here:

Best of all, click this link to read Caspar's own compelling and very personal story of this extraordinary voyage.

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OF Shooting Report
Shooting - July 2014 - dream_team - cropped
The OF Shooters had a very eventful Imperial Meeting in July 2014, which included graffiti down the arm of an OF lady shooter and a yellow dress worn by an OF male shooter. Sounds pretty run of the mill for the shooters then!

Read the full story and see the pictures here

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West of England Supper Report - 21 June 2014

Angel Inn Hindon
The West of England Supper was again held at the Angel Inn in Hindon on Saturday 21 June 2014.

Click here to see a full report and photos.

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John Gooderham (K 1944-1953)
College Crest
We are saddened to announce the death of John Gooderham (K 1944-1953), former President of the Society, on 28 June 2014.

A Memorial Service will be held for John on Monday 4 August at St Mary the Virgin Church, Church Road, Bacton, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4LN at 14:00 hours. John's many Old Framlinghamian friends will be most welcome to attend. There will be a marquee on the field opposite for tea and cakes after the Service. A private family crematorium service will be held prior to this date. A full obituary will be in the 2014 Yearbook.

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SOF London Supper - Tuesday 1 July

College Crest
The London Supper of the Society of Old Framlinghamians was held at The Royal Air Force Club on 1 July 2014 when 32 members attended.  Richard Sayer, President of the Society, was in the chair.   Susan Wessels, Senior Deputy Head Framlingham College, provided an interesting update on recent sporting and other activities at the College. All enjoyed a tasty traditional meal in the splendid surroundings of the President’s Room.

The following were present: R J H Albright, A H Baker, E R Binder, Jenny Binder, R Binder, S Cain, D A Carr, L W L Collard, Clare Dougherty, S R C Dougherty, J N Ellerby, R D Fayers, R Giles, M R K Holden, P C Howard-Dobson, N D G Jacob, C Keeble, A Lillie, J Maberly, I E Marsh, J Mehta, D J Mitchell, N H Porter, J G Rankin, J G Ruddock-Broyd, R J Sayer, B A Smith, C A Smith, C G Sneath, D L Turnbull, Susan Wessels.

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Plan? What Plan? OFRC Dumps the Q-Match!
Rifle Club Dateline Bisley: April 14 2014.

Ask any serious soldier what is the first casualty of any battle and he will tell you the answer – the plan. It follows then that we might question the seriousness of “JohnSec” Halahan, despite his several years of breaking Her Majesty’s tanks while serving the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. He is a natural organiser - to the point where if he could get any more torsion in his bottom his excrement would be spaghetti.

But just as it is possible to over-train and fail to finish your big race, it is also possible to over-organise and in doing so, er, lose to the Bedfordians. And that is what we did, by seven points – to the new enemy. Not the Old Enemy, the Lawrentians – they tend to lose to themselves these days.
We were quite well organised. Sort of. I mean, we had a range, targets, coaches, rifles, ammunition and shooters to fire it – though never necessarily in the right order.

read more

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Three Heroes Tour – April 2014
Gordon Muriel Flowerdew - picture
As you should all be aware, a group of OFs and some friends visited northern France and Belgium in April 2014 under the heading of “By Foot, Horse & Air - Three exceptional men and their bravery in face of the enemy”. It commemorate the actions of three military heroes of Framlingham College, plus paid respects at the graves/memorials of many more OFs who died mainly in WW1.

This expedition was organized by James Ruddock-Broyd (G46-52) and Peter Gasgoyne-Lockwood (R57-64) and everyone who went on the trip owes them a huge debt of gratitude for organizing a fascinating itinerary. Since the end of the trip, James has been toiling away on a detailed personal journal of the trip, which has been illustrated by Chris Essex (K69-75) with many photos that were taken during the trip.

Whilst the SOF President, Richard Sayer (S56-61) will be including his memories of the trip in the 2014 Yearbook, you can click here to read James’s wonderful personal journal in full.

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