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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


150th Anniversary Dubai Events
Continuing the 150th anniversary events, a small reunion was held recently in Dubai. Present on 15 April 2015 were new SOF President Chris Essex (K69-75) and his wife Eryl, plus Ed Marr (G85-92) and his wife Junko. Also present should have been Robert Craig (R63-70) but unfortunately his short plane flight across from Muscat got delayed by 3 hours.

Despite his 3 hour delay Robert did arrive in Dubai around midnight and Chris and Ed met up with Robert for breakfast the following morning, where Chris presented OF socks. Click here to see photos taken and a fuller report. Robert will be retiring shortly and has offered to help with website administration in the future.

A number of other OFs in the region gave their apologies, including Stephen Sayer (S58-63) who was already on his way out to Australia for 150th event in Hunter Valley.

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150th Anniversary South African Dinner
South Africa - FullSizeRender(2)
Mike Bullock (R55-59) organised a very successful 150th anniversary dinner in Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday 8 April 2015. The venue was the Wombles in Parktown North. The occasion brought together the following Anne and James Campbell (M74-82), Mike Hood (K84-90), Susan Wessels (Senior Deputy Head, Mark Gooding (G79-83), Katyala Maine (K84-89), Adam Phillips (G78-83) and Mike Bullock (R55-59). A great time was had by all attending and there was a determination to have another South African dinner soon.

Click here to see a larger version of the group photo and some others taken at the dinner. Also included is a photo of the centre piece created by Mike B using his old school cap!

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Society of Old Framlinghamians Annual Dinner - Pembroke College, Cambridge
2015 AGM Dinner - P1010578+edit
The 2015 Society of Old Framlinghamians Dinner was held on 28 March 2015 at Pembroke College, Cambridge as part of the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Framlingham College – the land on which Framlingham College was built was donated by Pembroke College. One hundred and seventy one attended, made up of 85 OFs with the remainder comprising accompanying spouses or partners together with a number of Governors and members of the Framlingham College and Brandeston Hall staff. The longest serving OF present at the dinner was Brian Rosen (S40-46) and the most recent leaver was Kat Twentyman (P09-14) – a Moreau Scholar.

Click here to read a brief report and a list of those who attended this historic dinner, plus a number of photos kindly taken by James Ruddock Broyd. A full report and more photos will be included in a future publication.

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Christina Johnston sings live on BBC RADIO 3
Christina Johnson - Photo
Christina Johnston (V01-06) broadcast live on BBC RADIO 3 on 29 March 2015 from the Czech Republic for Jakub Ryba's Stabat Mater. Here is a link to the performance on Radio 3 . Her performance is right at the start.

See this earlier story about her performance coming up near Norwich on 18 April 2015.

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150th anniversary dinner in Hong Kong
Hong Kong supper - P1030498
Chris Hall (G62-69) reports as follows: The 150th anniversary dinner in Hong Kong was held on Wednesday 25 March, 2015, at the Windsor Room of the Hong Hong Club. The occasion brought together the following 10 OFs: Standing - Robert Holland (Penang) (K57-65), Henry Tang Shiu-yuen (K03-10), John Ting Yu-hin (G02-09), Chris Hall (G62-69), Richard Rowe (S65-74), Keith Williams (R63-67), Ian Tsang Cheuk-hei (K02-09). Sitting - Jacqueline Lam (V97-01), Moira Theulier (M91-93), Athena Choi (V02-03). Richard Rowe made a great effort to travel from China in spite of many difficulties including being drenched in water by a faulty hose and waiting for his clothes to dry! Nevertheless he made it! Ian Howard (S57-62) had to be in the UK at the time and managed to attend the 150th dinner at Pembroke College Cambridge instead.

Click here to see a larger version of the photos taken at the dinner and back at Chris's flat.

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Only OF Test Cricketer visits College
JOHNDAVIDLARTERR51-57 - presentation - David only
David Larter (R51-57), former Northants and England cricketer, currently living in Wales, was Guest of Honour at a special lunch-time gathering at the College on Monday March 23rd. David had very generously offered to donate various items of memorabilia to the College for display and safe-keeping. Those present were Paul Taylor, Headmaster, Mark Robinson, Deputy Head Co-curriculum, Marcus Marvel, Master i/c Cricket, Richard Sayer, President SOF and Norman Porter, Hon Sec SOF.

For more details on his career and the donation of his memorabilia click here .

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First of many 150th anniversary overseas events held in Mallorca
Mallorcan Gathering - 15 March 2015 - small
The first of many 150th anniversary overseas events was held in Mallorca on 15 March 2015 and we have a selfie from our President to prove it. From left to right - Michael Evans (S45-48), Ian Foster (S46-53) and SOF President Richard Sayer ( S56-61). A very relaxed affair with not an OF tie or pair of socks in sight!

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Christina Johnston - Opera star comes to East Anglia
Christina Johnson - Photo
Christina Johnston (V01-06)writes “I will be performing for one time in East Anglia in 2015. I will be singing on the 18th April in Norwich at St Peter Mancroft Church at 7:30pm. I was asked by Robert Goodrich and Wymondham Choral Society who I will be performing with. We will perform Schubert's mass in G, Robert Goodrich's Requiem and also Laudate Dominum, Mozart (which will be on my debut album). It will be so lovely to sing on home turf again!”.

For more details click here .

Click Read More to read more about Christina’s busy 2015.

read more

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OF is President of Women’s Cambridge crew
Caroline Reid - 2015 boat race picture - cropped
Sporting history will be made on Saturday 11 April 2015 when The BNY Mellon Boat Race is joined on the Tideway for the first time by The Newton Women’s Boat Race. The Women’s Cambridge crew President is OF Caroline Reid (V03-09).

Click here to see photo of Caroline (right) holding the cup with the Oxford President.

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OF in winning U20 England Rugby Team
Will Owen (G2006-11) - photo 2015
Will Owen (G2006-11) made his debut for the England U20 rugby team in February 2014 (click Read More to see original article) In March 2015 he was a member of the team that regained the U20 Six Nations title after securing a 24-11 victory over France in a winner-takes-all clash in Brighton.

Click here to see team photo with Will 2nd from left at front.

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