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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


OFGS Golfers win against Aldeburgh GC
Golf Society
An OFGS team, led by Robin Anderton, currently vice-captain of the host club, had a good win by 6 ½ to 3 ½ against Aldeburgh Golf Club on Saturday, 8th September, the day after the Autumn Meeting. The match was played in glorious weather and the team were looked after in splendid fashion as usual by the hosts. 

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Cyril Gray 2012 - OF Golfers do well in the Plate
Golf Society
The Cyril Gray is a knockout tournament involving 3 pairs playing foursomes off scratch. All players must be over 50 years of age and the competition is held at Worplesdon Golf Club in Surrey.
We had two new members in the squad, Gavin Cowell and Mike Schneidau. The team was completed by Robin Anderton, Martin Lamb, Peter Watts and Roger Wharton.

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SOF Football - 'Suffolk’ XI -v- ‘Rest of the World’

OF Football 2012 LogoStephanie Wright (M 2002-10) reports: On September 1, a welcome condition will be spreading throughout the Society of Old Framlinghamians. Indeed, on September 1, 2012, the College will once again be welcoming football fever into its grounds.

UPDATE 15th August: A reminder that the deadline for SOF Football is this SUNDAY, 19th August - if you want to participate in any way then get in touch ASAP. If there are not enough players by Sunday then I might have to cancel; please spread the word. All the information you'll need can be found at:  OF Football Match Facebook Event – or, if you are on Twitter, search the hashtag ‘#FramFootball’.

If you are interested in playing or getting involved in any way at all, please contact Ted Harrington (S 2005-10) as soon before Sunday, 19 August as possible. Should any questions arise, you can also contact him via email at Teddy.Harrington@hotmail.co.uk.

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The Colditz Cock - New Channel 4 Programme

Followers of the website may recall an article, back in July 2008, about the Colditz Cock, and the part that Bill Goldfinch (26-32) played in the construction of this secret glider, which he and others built in a concealed attic of Colditz Castle.

A new film has been made, this time on location at Colditz Castle, following the reconstruction of the glider from the original plans and materials, culminating in a flight attempt using the method planned by Bill and his fellow prisoners - but will it work?

The programme, "Escape From Colditz", goes out tonight (13th August 2012) at 9.00pm, but it should be available on 4oD for a while afterwards. You can read about it the programme Here.

Suffolk Supper (and The Hound of the Baskervilles)

Suffolk Supper 2012 - Saturday 15th September.

Update 12th September: This event is now sold-out - A great thing to be able to report, but sorry if you were hoping to make a late reservation and are now disappointed.

Last year’s Suffolk Supper – a tribute to Tony Lawrence – marked a departure from traditional sit-down suppers. The buffet format was hailed as a considerable success, so we have decided to repeat that format this year. Tables will be set up, so there will be no need to wander around precariously, performing an impossible balancing act with food, cutlery and glass, while eating and talking at the same time. So come along prepared to mix and mingle, rather than be fixed at one particular table.

One of the problems of having a Council Meeting at 5.30pm is that guests are left to their own devices while the meeting is taking place. The College has normally kindly provided refreshments during this time, but that hardly fills the space. This year, however, we are able to offer OFs and their guests alternative fare in the Headmaster Porter Theatre. Dan Wood, Events Manager, has secured the services of a professional theatre company which will be putting on a performance of “The Hound of the Baskervilles” during this time. (The Play starts at 5.15pm). 

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“Three Heroes” tour of Northern France and Belgium – Feb 2014

 Plans are afoot to conduct a unique tour of Northern France and Belgium, in February 2014, to commemorate the actions of three military heroes of Framlingham College, and James Ruddock-Broyd (G46-52), Hon. Tour Promoter, is keen to hear from people who might be interested in joining it. He writes:

“The 18th February 2014, marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Jericho, the famous raid on Amiens Prison led by Group Captain Percy Pickard (G 26-32). In the course of the raid, Pickard was shot down and killed. Before his early death, Pickard won no fewer than three Distinguished Service Orders.

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OFRC - Fifty Shades of Custard
Rifle Club
A bumper edition from the OFRC’s best ever Imperial Meeting
By Bisley Correspondent Steve McCustard
Readers of these despatches may be familiar with the term ‘Spine of Custard’. For the uninitiated, the ‘Custard’ is an unwanted award bestowed upon an OF shooter who has put all scoring shots in the bull and, faced with surging adrenaline, a thumping heart and a glimpse of glory, yanks the last out of the bull, thus failing to make a maximum score.
It’s also called ‘choking’, ‘losing one’s bottle’ and ‘being a twat’ – hence the enshrining of the official Andy Murray Spine of Custard Cup for Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory. While the trophy is, in fact, imaginary, the concomitant bar tab is very real indeed.

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"Diamond Geezer" gets OFRC Jubilee Medal
Rifle Club

In July 1952, at the age of 18, Neil Joy (R 47-51) left the College shooting team and walked across the Bisley ranges to enjoy his first shoot as a member of the Old Framlinghamian Rifle Club.(OFRC). He was firing a WW2 No 4 .303 and aiming at tin hat targets. Now, sixty years later, he’s using a modern Swing .308 target rifle on a black circular aiming mark. Remarkably, he has continued to use OFRC club equipment and rifles throughout these years and always finds a jacket to fit. The scores remain consistently good and he has been known to achieve the occasional possible “50 ex 50”. His scoring diagrams from July 1952 and 2012 show that old shooters never fade away, they just need more sighters. 

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Book-launch: “Into the Third Millennium" – By John Maulden

Thanks to the hard work of Catherine Howard-Dobson and Chris Keeble this long-awaited book is now available.

The book is being published through Blurb, the online publishing service, which is essentially an on-demand means of publishing. The retail price is £8.99 plus post and packaging, and you can click on the following link to go straight to the book’s order page.  Just confirm the number of copies you want, and then click on the “Add to cart” bar to checkout and provide credit-card or PayPal details to order the book. Blurb will dispatch the book direct to you – they offer two delivery prices, and recent experience suggests that the cheaper version takes only five or six days to reach UK postal addresses.

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London Supper Report - 3 July 2012

Farmers Club
Twenty-one people attended the London Supper, which was held at The Farmers Club, Whitehall Court on Tuesday, 3rd July, 2012. The numbers were down in comparison to the January Supper. This Supper clashed with the final week of the Summer Term so that there was no representation from the College. Those who attended enjoyed a most pleasant evening.

The President, Simon Dougherty, who was the only speaker, spoke for the S.O.F. and the College. On S.O.F. matters he reported that he had attended 11 Regional Suppers so far during his Presidency and that the “Maulden” Book (Into the 3rd Millennium) would very soon be available to be ordered via the Internet. He was very pleased to confirm Richard Sayer as President Designate and delighted to welcome 3 Moreau Scholars at the Council Meeting and Supper.

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