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John Pemberton (Hon OF) 100th Birthday

John Pemberton 100 (1) - small
UPDATE : We are sad to report that Mike has been in touch to let us know that his father died on 11 May 2020. We believe he may have been the last of the original teachers at Brandeston when it opened in 1948.

ORIGINAL : Michael Pemberton (G57-68) was in touch to let us know that his father had a great time on 14 August 2019, celebrating his 100th birthday.  John was at Brandeston from its opening in 1948 through to 1971 and now lives in Yorkshire.

Click here to see a full report and some wonderful photos including a couple contributed by good friend Norman Porter (K50-57).

Death of Michael Spencer (R51-58)

Michael Spencer (R51-58) - Times Obituary - May 2020 - small
It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the sudden death of Michael Anthony Gordon Spencer (R51-58) who died suddenly on 22 April 2020 aged 80. He was a retired export director for Dunlop and Tenza.

He had been a fine all round sportsman, a stalwart of OFGS for many years, a regular member of the Halford Hewitt team and Captain of the Society in 1996.  He was still a regular attendee at OFGS meetings and matches and was always a joy to play with.

He was a member of Ipswich Golf Club at Purdis Heath and had recently been Club Captain. He will be sorely missed.

Here’s a link to a notice in the Times.

College interviews

Louise North interview with David Bull - small
During this period of lockdown and the College being closed, there are a series of interviews been done with OFs and others by Principal Louise North and Mark Robinson.  Four have been done and recorded so far and 2 of these were with OFs Imogen Slaughter (V92-94) and Dr David Bull (Z80-87).

If OFs are interested in watching these interviews then click here for the College Youtube channel.  More interviews will be added over the coming weeks.

Golf Tournaments Cancelled in 2020

Golf Society Logo
David Turnbull writes :

Cyril Gray Tournament

Regrettably, this year’s event, due to to be held from 25–27 June, has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation. Next year’s event will be held from 24–26 June.

Grafton Morrish Tournament

Qualifying for this year’s tournament, previously re-arranged for 6 September, has now been cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation, so we will not now have an opportunity to qualify for the finals which are still scheduled for 9–11 October.



The first ever SOF AGM and Council Meeting took place via Zoom and had a greater attendance than some "normal" AGMs in the past.  Here is a photo of some of the participants

AGM 2020 - Zoom picture


read more

PHAB initiative with the College

Phab logo
Chris Sneath (K51-56) advised the AGM that he had been with a charity named PHAB as trustee for some 40 plus years which was formed to integrate the physically handicapped with able bodied people and whose ideals and aims were spread through 180 clubs throughout the country.

Over the past few years, PHAB has been concentrating on developing clubs through Colleges and Schools. Being important that youngsters of today can understand disability and hopefully in later years can maintain this knowledge through their trust and help.

Last year he worked with Mark Robinson (Deputy Head) at the College and PHAB and created the set up, and were able to launch the first Club at the College on the 26th February. The School were so very enthusiastic and committed to this initiative.

The Club set up would allow disabled youngsters up to the age of 18 to be entertained and helped (for instance computer skills) for two hours every two weeks by senior students.

Whilst the initial meeting had only one disabled person attending, there are now three on the books.

He raising this initiative to publicise the club and advise OF's so that once lockdown had opened up, and restarted, if they did know of any disabled youngster relevant to the club’s aims, they could make recommendations to those that lived reasonably close to the College, so that they could benefit from attending.

Anyone interested should contact PHAB National Development Manager, Janine Williams. 07910 556588 or 01825 749826 or janine@phabkids.co.uk

Death of John Edwards (K45-55)

College Crest
UPDATE:  The Memorial Service for John Edwards due to take place on Thursday 19th March at St. Giles Church, Codicote, Welwyn has been postponed due to Coronavirus. It is confirmed that one will be held at Framlingham College, but its timing will depend on the relaxation of lockdown and will also take into account social distancing rules for older citizens.  Consequently, there will be a delay.  However, we will be informed, in good time.

ORIGINAL : It is with much sadness that we report the death of former SOF President and School Governor for many years, John Edwards (K45-55) on 12 January 2020 in Lister Hospital in Stevenage.  He was SOF President in 1977 & 1978.  He was taken into hospital a couple of weeks ago with a chest infection and never really recovered. 

Thanks to the College a Memorial service for John will be held in College Chapel at 1400 on 13 May 2020. It would be helpful if those planning to attend could email Richard Sayer to advise likely attendance to help with catering.  John’s funeral will be a private family affair but there will be a local memorial service at St Giles at Codicote in Herts on 19 March at 1100.

Barry Meadows Retires After 28 Years of Service

IMG_5912 (2)
Many OFs will have enjoyed playing sport on the wonderful grounds at the College.  Barry Meadows joined the College in 1991 and has been a significant influence on the success of the cricket pitches over the years. He will be retiring locally.

Click here for a full tribute and photo.

OF Northern Gathering 2020

College Crest
UPDATE  Douglas Thomson (K53-61) writes : As a consequence of the cancellation of this year’s Edinburgh Festival, the Fringe and the Tattoo the sad decision has been made to postpone the Northern Gathering scheduled for 15 August 2020. 

Whilst it still might be possible to have a lunch in July this year many attending were also coming to enjoy the Festival, the Fringe and the Tattoo.  The College were again putting on a play in the Fringe which we had hoped to enjoy.

The good news is that the Gathering has been rescheduled for the 14th August 2021.

read more

Moxey twins both involved in NHS Nightingale Hospital London

Moxey Brothers - photo - small
  Lieutenant-Colonel Phill Moxey (R91-95) and Paul Moxey (S87-95) have crossed paths professionally for the first time

The twin brothers, one a senior army officer and the other a surgeon, have been brought together at the NHS Nightingale field hospital in London.  One of the 42-year-old Suffolk-born men led a team building the 4,000-bed centre at the ExCel centre in London, while the other will help to save lives there.

Read the full story from The Daily Mail on 11 April 2020 by clicking here.

Phill has also been awarded an MBE and you can read his entry in our Distinguished OF section here.