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Carols by 2 OFs included in service at Manchester Catherdral

John LeGrove (K67-75) writes:  "You may be interested to know that at Manchester Cathedral's service of Nine Lessons and Carols on 22 December 2022, there were two carols by OFs. Well, sort of. One was an arrangement, by me, of the traditional English carol I saw three ships. The other was a fully original composition by Gerald Hendrie (K49-52) called As I outrode this enderes night, which crops up every so often in carol services. In my view, Hendrie's music deserves to be much better known; there are some superb choral works.

I play the organ at Manchester Cathedral every so often as a deputy organist, which makes a change from the lovely but tiny village organ over which I usually preside."

Professor Gerald Hendrie (K49-52) is included in the Distinguished OF section - click here for his biography.