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Framlingham College Bursary Campaign Update

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Martin Myers-Allen, the College’s Development Director (and Hon OF) reports: “We officially launched the Campaign in October at the SOF Suffolk Supper, but the word was out well before then. Transforming people’s lives through 100% means-tested bursaries at sixth form has clearly appealed to a wide audience. We have already exceeded the figure we need to support two pupils for two years in September 2022 and projections for 2024 are also encouraging.  I just want to write a huge thank you to all those who have given so far. This has to be a living campaign and to give it the longevity it deserves please continue to support.  If you haven't given thus far...please do. This link will take you to a Campaign News Page and a super video in which I encourage you to do some creative fundraising as individuals and as groups to help transform lives well into the future.”