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The Framlinghamian goes digital once again

Framlinghamian A5 2021 - front cover - small
Peter Howard-Dobson reports: A new format for The Framlinghamian, and the breadth of its coverage, resulted in a remarkable 320 page book. Sadly, a massive increase in printing and postage costs has made it simply too expensive to circulate a physical book to SOF members. The good news is that the digital version, published here, is magnificent as well as being easy to navigate. When you open the book to full-screen, flip through to the Index, where you’ll find a button that will take you straight to the OF Section.

Louise North, Principal of Framlingham College, says:
“We are delighted to share with you this year’s Framlinghamian. You will see that the Framlinghamian has a fresh look to represent both the modernity of Vision 2025 and how different a Framlingham College education is. The Framlinghamian is remaining digital and will be shared far and wide with everyone in our global community. An abridged version has been printed and will be distributed to our current pupils and prospective parents. This decision reflects the College’s focus both on sustainability and resource management. We hope that you enjoy reading the Framlinghamian and that you get a true sense of the inspirational and dynamic life of our pupils and our Old Framlinghamians.”