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Neil Flowerdew handed over the Strathcona ceremonial lance

Neil Flowerdew handing over lance - November 2021 - small
Richard Sayer writes "Neil Flowerdew (Hon OF) handed over to Martin Myers-Allen, representing the College, the Strathcona ceremonial lance on 9 November 2021.

The lance had been presented by the Regiment to Neil, as representative of the Flowerdew family, in March 2018, at Billingford, Norfolk, the birthplace of Gordon Flowerdew. That presentation was part of the Regiment’s commemoration of the centenary of the battle of Moreuil Wood, when Gordon Flowerdew OF led a cavalry charge against enemy machine guns, an action for which he was awarded a VC posthumously.

Neil continues to give the College an annual medal, showing the crests of the College and the Strathconas side by side, to be awarded to a deserving senior NCO member of the College’s CCF unit."