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Prominent OF does shirt sponsorship

Ipswich Shirt - June 2021 - small
The 'Blue and White' half of the footballing cognoscenti of East Anglia were delighted to learn that former Brandestonian, Ed Sheeran (BH 96-02), had generously offered to underwrite the ITFC team shirts for the forthcoming 2021-22 Season. Bearing the logo embracing albums that have taken the popular music world by storm (and some as yet still in his imagination!) this very welcome sponsorship seems likely to coincide with a new concert tour.

Together with the promise of an injection of funds from the football club’s new US ownership consortium, this must surely give cause for optimism for all Ipswich Town fans, that their club might at last anticipate an upward trajectory again; a sleeping giant too long in the shadow of northern neighbours Norwich City FC who, once again, find themselves in the Promised Land of the Premiership!