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SOF Appoints Our Latest Moreau Leaving Scholars

Moreau 2020 - Sam and Amelia - small
The fifteenth year of the Moreau Leaving Scholarships programme has, like so much else, been much affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The selectors had just got to the point of shortlisting five candidates from the thirteen applicants, when the first lockdown came into effect.

After hopes of face-to-face selection interviews were dashed, over the summer, interviews were recently held via Zoom, and we’re very pleased to welcome Sam Ponty and Amelia Slater as our latest Moreau Leaving Scholars.

They’ve already been in action, setting up a Facebook Group for their leaving-group and are looking forward to taking up their SOF Council Membership.

Sam is presently at Keele University, where he’s started his degree in medicine – though he’s had to spend far too much time rather isolated in his halls of residence. Amelia should have been in Fiji, by now, where she would have joined “Think Pacific”, which runs volunteer programmes in conjunction with the Government of Fiji. Instead, she’s currently working two jobs from home, and hopes to go to University next year, and pursue a career in a creative design business.