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Into the Third Millennium
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OF wins scholarship to renowned Manhattan School of Music

Rosina Bullen - photo (170x170)
Rosina Bullen (M06-11) has just been accepted on a course to study jazz at the Manhattan School of Music under Theo Bleckmann and Kate McGarry.  Out of 3,000 applications she is just one of only two students for next year’s course starting in September 2018. Whilst she has been awarded a scholarship from the school to assist with part of the fees, the financial costs of attending are very high. 

We are delighted to announce that the SOF have agreed to provide £1000 per year for each of the 2 years of the course.  Read her fascinating letter for more details on her ambitions and the financial and other challenges she faces - these include her visa not allowing her to work outside the campus for at least the first year. If you believe you could help Rosina in any way then please get in touch with the Trustees via email at trustees@oldframlinghamian.com