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OF to undertake relief work on Syrian border

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Anna Thorne (M04-10) writes :  "I'm raising money for a project that several OFs are supporting. In September, I am moving to Jordan for a year to work with Relief International and UNICEF in schools on the Azraq and Zaatari refugee camps near the Syrian border. They recruited me after I completed an English Language and Lit degree at Oxford, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course, and 8 months of part-time teaching in the Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps, which I did alongside my full-time job this year. I am trying to raise as much money for Relief International and this project as possible before I leave in September, and would be really grateful for any assistance OFs might be able to give me. 

I'm available via email any time or my mobile on 07415672840." 

There are around 48,000 Syrian children living in these camps and many have not received formal education since the Syrian conflict began in 2011. While UNICEF and RI are focusing their resources around supporting Syrian teachers on the camp, they have recently begun to recruit English teachers for some of the older children, who desperately need to pass the Tawjihi exams (Jordanian equivalent of A-levels) in order to be accepted into universities and jobs in Jordan.