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Silent Auction @ Music on a Midsummer's Evening - Wednesday 29 June 2016

Annies Challenge logo (170x39)
Mark Robinson (Deputy Head - Co-Curricular - enrichment) reports that as part of this year’s Music on a Midsummer’s Evening on the Back, the College will be holding a Silent Auction in order to help raise funds for the chosen College charity of the term, Annie’s Challenge, along with the complementary Kathmandu-it Project.

Annie’s Challenge (www.annieschallenge.org - registered charity number 1166362) as many of you will know, is run by Nick and Madeleine Dunham and their family, and is designed to help raise funds for brain tumour research as well as various organisations responsible for looking after those diagnosed with terminal illnesses. The Kathmandu-it project (www.kathmandu-it.uk) is devoted to raising funds for the same charity, primarily through the sponsorship of two OFs, Henry Dunham and Sam Crimp, walking the 6,500 miles from sunny Suffolk to Kathmandu. They were guests of the SOF at the London dinner in January and you can read more about them in an earlier news item here.

Should you wish to contribute to either of these hugely worthwhile charities independently of the Silent Auction, you will find a link on both websites to a Just Giving donation page. If you prefer to sponsor Henry and Sam on their highly ambitious undertaking, please contact Nick Dunham at ndunham@clarkeandsimpson.co.uk.

To whet your appetite, and for those that cannot make it on the evening itself, we are emailing you in advance to make you aware of the lots available for purchase and the way the Silent Auction will work. All advance bids from those unable to attend should be emailed to:silentauction@framcollege.co.uk - specifying name, contact details, lot number and amount offered. At the Music on a Midsummer’s Evening, details of the highest bid for each lot already received will be circulated, and the audience invited to better it. In the unlikely event of two identical highest bids, the lot will be awarded to the one first received. Obviously some of the lots listed below are worth several thousand pounds, so please be sure that you are in a position to honour any bids made!

For further fine detail about the lots outlined attached, please contact: annies.challenge.auction@gmail.com.