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Two OFs COMPLETE walk a quarter of the way round the world!

Kathmandu finish (170x113)
They have just posted their final vlog which is well worth watching right through to the end.

After ten months, 10,000 km and 11 countries later, Henry and Sam have finished their truly epic walk today. From Kathmandu they say "One of the most surreal, but most satisfying feelings either one of us will ever feel, it was absolutely incredible to be cheered over the finish line by our friends and family. It hasn't quite sunk in yet, as to what we have just done, but what we both know is that today is a day that we will never forget. This has not been about us, it's been about sufferers of brain tumours, and of course Annie. Thank you all for your amazing support."

SOF President Chris Essex writes "Ever since Henry and Sam came along to our London Supper in January 2016 to talk about the amazing challenge they were planning to undertake in Annie's name, we have been truly inspired by their guts and determination to reach their goal of arriving in Kathmandu.  Following their blogs along the way has been both enjoyable and educational in the sense that they have visited places most of us will never see and overcome challenges most of us would not want to face. If you can, then please support their fundraising efforts by going to their Justgiving page."

On Monday 27 March 2017 when they finished the walk, they were interviewed live on BBC Radio Suffolk.  For the following 28 days you can listen by clicking here. Their interview begins at 1 hr 33 and Paul Taylor speaks too. Sam speaks after the playing of Henry's song.

They will be giving a FramSoc talk at the College on Friday 12 May 2017 . Click here to see more details. Get your tickets fast. For those of you who can't get to Framlingham we are delighted that they have also agreed to give a talk at the OF London Supper on 11 July 2017 at the newly refurbished Farmers Club.

LATEST VIDEO POSTED FROM NORTHERN TURKEY : Click here to see what they have been going through recently with rain and blisters! They have now left Sinup and are 3 weeks away from border with Georgia. We remembered their amazing walk on Saturday at the Suffolk lunch at the College. They also featured on Look East on 26 October 2016 - see 2:59 minutes in.

SIGNIFICANT MILESTONE REACHED : Henry and Sam have just completed the crossing on foot of the EU. 1700 miles or 3.8m steps! They still have an awfully long way to go to get to Kathmandu but they have taken a moment to remind us why they are doing this - see their latest video here . The music is sung by OF Christina Johnston recorded by The City of Prague Philharmonic orchestra.

ORIGINAL STORY : Intrepid OFs Henry Dunham (S01-06) and Sam Crimp (K02-12), are undertaking a truly amazing challenge.  They write "On Tuesday the 26th January, we had the privilege of addressing the OF society at their London dinner at the RAF Club. It was a fantastic evening full of great anecdotes and wonderful memories. For our part, we would encourage anyone and everyone to get involved in future events, both young and old!

The reason why we were invited to come along is that later this year we are walking from the UK to Kathmandu. Yes, you read that right! Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s 6,500 miles, 13 million steps, or in other words a quarter of the way round the world. Now, it’s not because we are looking for an extended holiday - this will take us the better part of a year - but instead it’s because in July Henry’s sister, Annie, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This trek is a fund raiser for a Framingham based charity, Annie’s Challenge, designed to fund research into brain cancer.

Together we are funding the majority of the trip with our savings, but we are still a little short and are in the process of looking for some corporate sponsorship. It’s a fantastic opportunity for any company to get on board with an adventure that is already garnering global interest. So here is a, not so subtle, plea to anybody who thinks they might be able to help to get in touch!!

We have produced a short promotional video - 2 minutes long - that we encourage you all to take a look at - click here "

You can read much more about this trip and how to get involved at the website they have set up www.kathmandu-it.uk

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