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Into the Third Millennium
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By John Maulden


OFs Running the Great Eastern Run Half Marathon

College Crest
UPDATE Ben & Will would like to say a big thank you to all the OFs that have sponsored them. All together, they have raised £33,000 for the charity Hunts Community Cancer Network so far. Here is a photo of 'Team Kim', who all completed the Great Eastern Half Marathon on Sunday. Many OFs ran and supported on what was a fantastic day!

If any other OFs would still like to donate, see links below.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Ben (R96-06) and Will Hayes (R93-03) write : "We thought it might be of interest to the OF Society to let you know that a large group of OFs are running together in a half marathon called 'The Perkins Great Eastern Run' for charity on Sunday 11 October in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. We would also like to ask if you could help us gain awareness amongst other OFs."

Their father died of prostate cancer in April 2015. Click Read more for further details if you would like to support them.

My brother and I both went to Brandeston Hall and Framlingham College for all of our schooling. Sadly, our father Kim Hayes passed away in April this year from Prostate Cancer. Many of the teachers and pupils will have known him, especially those involved in sports as he was a great supporter, and always one to cheer on from the sidelines! Throughout his incredible fight, he refused to let this have a significant affect on his life. He began an incredible journey that saw him cycle the length and breadth of the UK, running one half marathon and four marathons. He was passionate about exercise and raising money for Prostate Cancer UK and other cancer charities. We would like to continue his journey with our family and friends!

We have had a tremendous amount of support, and we currently have a team of 90 friends and family, 21 of which are OFs running the half marathon with us. We are running to raise funds for the Hunts Cancer Charity Network (HCCN). HCCN is small local charity that help people who are recovering from, or living with, cancer to take back their lives and to play an active part in managing their health. They gave our father and family a huge amount of support in the last year of his life, and we would love to support them. The money we raise will help HCCN to create an infrastructure to enable people with cancer access to vital 24-hour care and to be able to communicate with their nursing team in real time and buy an ultrasound machine to help monitor their patients.

The following OFs are running The Great Eastern Run Half Marathon:

William Hayes (Rendlesham)
Ben Hayes (Rendlesham)

Rupert Elmes (Rendlesham)
Wallace Leung (Rendlesham)

Alec Cadell (Rendlesham)

Thomas Alabaster (Rendlesham)

Tom Sallis (Rendlesham)

Ben Norton (Kerrison)
Ben Davies (Kerrison)
Stevie Young (Kerrison)
Henry Doe (Kerrison)

Charlotte Church (Pembroke)

Edwina Blackford nee Reid (Pembroke)

Henry Reid (Brandeston Hall)

Alexandra Reid (Moreau)
Victoria Mawson (Moreau)

Robert Kingsley (Garrett)
William Poole (Garrett)
Guy Rush (Garrett)

Thomas Colvile (Stradbroke)
Isabelle De Grave (Victoria)
All the donations can go to: https://www.justgiving.com/Ben-Hayes4/

Or through the team page: https://www.justgiving.com/teams/kimhayes

We will make sure we take an OF group photo to send you from the day!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Ben and Will,

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