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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


SOF South East Supper - Saturday 18th October 2008
The second South East Supper of recent origin was held at the Piltdown Golf Club and was attended by 14 OFs and 8 guests. The OFs present attended the College and Branderston for a period ranging over 43 years. Andrew Wright, who hosted the event, and Norman Buck and John Barrett are members of the club; the latter had not attended an OF event since 1952 - The Grosvenor House Ball - six years after leaving school. The President of the SOF, Brian Smith and his wife Valerie who has accompanied him to all events during his Presidency, attended the event. Brian gave several examples of students and young OFs showing interest in OF activities and their prowess at shooting, singing and other activities.

James Ruddock-Broyd, the supper secretary, read a letter from Commander Peter Lloyd-Bostock, RN (retired) who is unable to travel far and recalled that the Saturday of the supper was regarded as Trafalgar Night and there would be many drinks in Navy Wardrooms to celebrate and drink to the "Immortal Memory". James quoted his letter further by saying "I expect you will be toasting 'Fram', of course - and I expect' 'The Piltdown Man' as well. No doubt you all know the story about the hoax. All good wishes to you and all the assembled company. Floreat FRAM, and in particular MAROON (I believe it has to be called 'Rendlesham' these days".

It is expected that this event will be held on a two yearly basis and there were 31 OFs who sent in their apologies or regrets because of other events or illnesses.

L to R, Standing:
Keith Handley, John Barrett, Elizabeth Handley, Norman Buck, Nicole Handley, David Handley, Tony Martin, Roger Marriott, Bill Collard, Andrew Wright, Anne Mason, David Mason, Brian Smith (President SOF), Bill Wade, Robin Beckwith, Cullen Beckwith

L to R Seated
Jill Marriott, Margaret Wright, James Ruddock-Broyd, Valerie Smith

Photograph taken by Christine Ruddock-Broyd